Friday, June 10, 2011

Matthew's Quilt

Last summer and fall I worked on sewing up a huge bunch of Broken Dishes (Hourglass) blocks from a big bunch of swapped nickels (5" squares). They certainly were scrappy fabrics and many of them were brights. As I was working on the layout on the shade of the deck, my garden boy, Matthew Abraham came over. He was interested, so I let him complete the final arrangement. He was quite surprised at how much effort it took to change the blocks around to see what looked best. The bending and placing of the blocks is a lot of excercise, too!

So it became "Matthew's Quilt!" He wailed out loud when I spoke of donating a quilt to charity, "It better not be MY quilt!" Of course, I reassured him that no one would take his quilt away from him. But it had gotten on the back burner, all but forgotten. Matthew's High School graduation is coming up, so it will be the perfect time to present it to him.

So I dragged it out yesterday and worked today on adding the second wide border in a very BRIGHT orange that Matthew picked out himself at Joann's Fabric store. Tonight I'll prewash the multi-colored star printed flannel for the backing and dry it in the dryer to shrink it. Then it will be ready to go to the longarmer.

For the record, this is not cheddar-colored fabric. It is highway safety-cone ORANGE!!!! My husband, Felix, suggested that we call the quilt, "Orange Julius!" We'll see what Matthew says.


Cheri said...

Wonder if Matthew will end up learning to quilt? Probably wouldn't take much coaxing! I love the Orange Julius fits! Lovely quilt!

Elaine Adair said...

I am constantly reminded that sometimes a "simple" quilt is as beautiful as a Baltimore Album quilt. This one is great, and I like how he arranged it.

SubeeSews said...

My Hubby works for the County Highway Department. That orange is definately Safety Cone Orange. He also wears a floresent Lime green shirt with silver reflectors...too cool.

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