Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Different Design Wall

My design wall is actually a chair in the living room that I keep covered with a white cotton woven bedspread to protect the upholstery. It sits opposite MY chair, so it is perfectly placed for when I am resting or watching TV. I keep putting up new blocks and enjoying the view. In addition to the endless stream of Sister's Choice (my goal is to make one a day) blocks, I also started something new. Yeah, I know, VERY BAD GIRL with all the UFO's around the Quilt Cave.
Here are the Sister's Choiceblocks:

The new project that is so fun is a scrappy red block that I threw together myself. I have no idea if a couple of four-patches matched with squares of fabric to make a giant nine-patch block has a name or not. But I noodled around with it and I liked it! I confess that the idea was partially inspired by Nann Blaine Hilyard's pinwheels on her blog, With Strings Attached. It just so happened that I had bought a passel of rather orangey reds online this winter. Six yards of different reds, and I've been just itching to use them.

I've been doing the Bonnie Hunter leaders & enders with the 2 1/2" four patches for a while, so I had accumulated a stack of them. With the 4 1/2" red squares it makes a 12 1/2" unfinished block. My goal was to make four blocks a day. Here is design play before it started to rain every day.

It looks so disjointed. I think the light X's are off in this shot on the deck. The breezes came along and blew all the blocks around and that was it for the night! LOL! I had a ball!

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