Thursday, September 13, 2012

Messed Up Morning

Our nearest medical facility is Lakes Region General and it is about 26 miles away or half an hour's drive. That's a long drive when you had to get up and only have some hot water and no coffee or breakfast before your routine yearly blood work.

Then they made Felix and me wait another 35 minutes for our turn to be stabbed. Ugh! Finally it was over and he took me out to McDonald's for breakfast by 9am.

We had the coupons from Sunday's paper, but it still beat the heck out of eight bucks for the two of us. Hey, that's a yard of fabric, right? But the good news is that my Dr. Capron has already emailed me that the results look good and that he'll see me in a week.

When I got home from all that nonsense, what was waiting for me in the mailbox but my new shirt from Fabricaholics Anonymous! What fun it will be to wear it at the work party to hang our quilt show on September 28th!

Can you see my red disc earrings? My dear friend Sharon Zimmerman made these for me out of Budweiser beer caps! They are so campy and cute. She calls them "Beerings" and sells them for $10 a pair in any brand of beer that you choose. I have a whole collection of them and I love them, even though I never drink beer. I'm more of a wino, myself.
What's wonderful about these beerings is that people notice them at first for their nice size and colors. Then when they realize that they are flattened out beer caps, they comment and strike up a conversation. Many times at the grocery store, post office, or the bank, perfect strangers compliment me on them.
Here's the back of that wonderful shirt!
Of course, my wonderful unofficially adopted son, Matthew, was able to get my fabrics drying on the line into the picture, too. They just happened to be red, my neutral. LOL!
At last night's Belknap Mill Quilter's Guild ( regular meeting, I had this as my Show and Tell. I call it a cheater quilt because I bought the blocks all ready sewn together on Ebay and then assembled them and threw a border onto it. I have some very wanton moments on Ebay. Sigh.

It was all done with white-on-white and Aunt Grace 1930's reproduction fabrics, 100% cotton. I've had it assembled now for 2 years waiting to get it over to Linda Monasky of The Bear Paw Gallery in Alton, NH, to be quilted.
It's about 60" square after I added the borders. You'll see that I had to buy two separate Ebay auctions to get the two different sets of blocks that make up the Star & Chain pattern. The name of the sewist who constructed them was Lois Cox who calls herself "Cottonstasher" on Ebay. I have no idea if she is still offering them.
This quilt I needed in a hurry because my sister's mother-in-law is fast approaching her 90th birthday on October 18th of this year. This quilt will be perfect for her because she lived through those tough depression years. She has to go once or twice a year for a complete blood transfusion, so I hope she will want to take this quilt in with her when she goes. That's Felix, Husband Wonderful, hamming it up for the camera while Raven dozes as usual on the futon.
I wanted a warm quilt that would not be always sliding off the bed or your body, so I chose a brightly printed aqua daisy pattern of cotton flannel. Cotton flannel is so snuggly!
As for that Hugs & Kisses quilt, I'm still working on that, too! I got all 100 of the 5" charms sewn with their two flippy corners and got them all sewn into 4 piece blocks, 25 of them in all. They were all nicely pressed with my special recipe of starch. I took them outdoors to lay them out in the driveway and take a picture of them.
I have learned that my camera sees things that I miss out on with the naked eye. But immediately after I snapped this photo, a brisk breeze sprang up and carried my blocks away! LOL. I should have taken a picture of how they were all scattered about, but I was too busy chasing them down the driveway's slope!!!!
I'll hafta wait for a calmer day, teehee! But I like how it's turning out, don't you?


Marge Gordon said...

Nice quilt, and I like your shirt too! ;^D

tubilinha tiacarminha said...

Tudo,camisa,brincos,colchas.Eu amo amar você e seu blog,seu trabalho...TUDO.Beijos.Ps:a minha net está mais lenta que uma tartaruga com artrite...

mara said...

I'm glad Dr. Capron says everything looks good, that's my last name and I can't wait to see if my dad knows any family members in NH. I love red also, it's a great color.

cityquilter grace said...

yes i do and the t-shirt too! i'll show mine off when i get back from retreat, right marge?

Marsha said...

Well it seems we are almost on schedule for our annuals since I had mine Monday. Hope your results were as positive as mine! Are we still on for Tuesday, busy lady? New blog is up. not .com

Nann said...

I like the "chocqua" hugs and kisses!

Kathleen Wilson said...

So glad to hear all is well. Love your quilts and the red shirt. Beerings, what a catchy name. Have a great day.

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