Saturday, September 22, 2012

Today IS Someday!

You have all heard me making my promises to myself that "Someday I will make "Ocean Waves." Each time I make flippy corners when piecing blocks, I always make the effort to sew the second seam to create the tiny bonus HST's. They are only 2" unfinished! And I have a bazillion of them!
This basket is over a foot tall and is brimming with them!
They are from all different quilts over the past three or so years, so boy, howdy, are they ever scrappy! Brights, florals, Civil War stuff, it's all here.
When I was at Bonnie K. Hunter's workshop this past June at the Vermont Quilt Fest, I mentioned to her that I was hoarding these to do her pattern version of Ocean Waves.
Bonnie's immediate response was to, "Get started on it right away!" This is three months later. In my life, that counts as, "right away!"

So today is someday!

I got a bunch of those little HST's pressed and trimmed their dainty little dog-ears. Then I used a printed paper copy of the blocks, A and B, and had it right beside me at the machine for reference. I chose to do just A blocks at first, to be less confusing.
These two blocks are only 6 1/2" square!!!! The way I chose to do it, I sewed two HST's into a "two-sie", then sewed the two-sies into a little 4-patch, then sewed four of those together into the block.

I like them!!!

I think I should mix up the colors more, though, and not have so many matchies, don't cha think?

There are still labels to be made and put on for the quilt show and set up is this FRIDAY the 28th, YIKES!!!! I'd better put the pedal to the metal! Here's my hand drawn label for my dear friend, Wanda, who's quilt was a gift to me.
This is no ordinary string quilt. What sets it apart is the fact that it was sewn after Wanda had suffered two massive strokes, losing complete control of the left side of her body.

She is a quilter that will not accept defeat! Wanda's wonderful husband, Dave, helps her by tying the quilts.
I cannot be prouder of Wanda and her life-lesson to all of us. I love this quilt so very much!

The weather is a sparkling and breezy 72 degrees, so a few pieces got rinsed out in Orvus in my oversized bathroom sink and popped out onto the clothesline to dry.
As I was walking back from my clothesline, the Rose of Sharon was smiling at me by showing her beautiful blooms. This plant was a gift from another internet friend, from Georgia, who's name is Bonnie. She mailed me a little rooted slip about four years ago.  I have had to spray it often with Deer-Repel or all the blossom buds get munched as the deer browse in the Spring.
The flowers are a soft pink with cranberry colored centers.
Thank you so much, my friend, for bringing me this joy! I truly hope that the mock orange slip that I sent you has grown for you and bloomed, too!

Early this morning, I did the bindings on a few more potholders that I'm hoping will sell at the new Quilty Boutique Booth at the show.
These were made from some of those famous $.25 apiece scraps from Keepsake Quilting's scrap bins.
That green tone-on-tone in the center of the sawtooth star pictured above came from The Quilted Frog Quiltshop, which is on the way home from The Mothership (a.k.a. Keepsake Quilting). I find that with all this practice, I'm steadily improving at the machine bindings.

I've got a baker's dozen now, finished and ready to sell. I plan on asking $6.00 each and two for $10.00. They take me over an hour to complete, but I'm slow. LOL!


cityquilter grace said...

wow, you have been that ocean waves, the rose of sharon and the potholders! me, i've been busy the old viking a rest...

nhlady said...


Can you tell me more about the upcoming quilt show that you are preparing for?

Just curious.


Kathleen Wilson said...

You make me tired just reading about all you are doing. You go girl!!! I want to see that basket empty!

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