Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Simple Celebrations

Frequently, I catch myself "saving the good stuff." My old ironing board cover is stained with starchy scorch marks and the last time I had washed it I had trouble getting it properly tied back down. So as I was pressing, and pressing, and pressing that Mr. Bojangles Civil War Twisted Ribbons top, I was also constantly readjusting the pad and the cover as they both migrated off the board. UGH!

Now, mind you, Husband Wonderful, Felix, had bought me a brand new one from Clotilde's catalogue for my MAY anniversary present. I know, I know. I had to circle it in the catalogue, dog-ear the right page, and tell him that this was what I wanted. But bless his heart, he DID follow through and spend the $36 plus shipping to get it for me. Now you'll see why I did not want to make my own!

Look at that gorgeous one inch grid!!!!!

I put it on last night and was thrilled at how well made it was by the Golden Hands company made in the USA. The all 100% cotton fabric was twice the weight of the original cover that came with this from Wal-mart when we bought it. To try to keep it nice, I sprayed it with Scotchguard stain repellent.

As I made more sets of 9-patches for Mr. Bojangles, I noticed that it was easier to press more accurately by lining edges up on the one inch grid. I love it!! Yippee!

Such fun to work with the CivilWar reproductions because the colors are mellow and the designs are intricate.
I had added that next row but decided that I wanted to even go further out with still another row.
I may make the decision to keep adding just a little at a time and as I am making strip-piecing sets, I get 8 matching blocks at a time. That doesn't work very well with the scrappy look because too many match each other.
I'll use a few and have lots leftover for a Civil War crib quilt, maybe. Not sure yet, but I'm just having fun making them. Mostly, I used the next block piece as my leader or ender, but when that wasn't convenient, I used the Ocean waves HST's. I got this block done today doing it that way.
The other cause for celebration was the last of the labels got sewn on today!!!
I had some minor printer problems with a paper jam, but fortunately, Felix was home to help me out of the mess I'd made of it! If you don't recall what the quilt looks like, here it is:
It's Bonnie K. Hunter's Happy Scrappy Houses and Linda Monasky of the Bear Paw Gallery in Alton, NH quilted a pretty clouds motif all over it.
The backing is a cute cherries print that I think was Marcus brothers, but this one is not flannel, since it is going to a Florida friend.

So that means that I am really, really, really for the quilt show set up party on Friday! Yahooo!

As for Raven, she was celebrating that her favorite futon quilt had just come home from the "Just Wash It" laundromat in Loudon, New Hampshire.

I believe that this dog can actually revel in her sleep.

Felix and I look over at her and point and silently giggle.

I swear, it lowers your blood pressure just to look at Raven sleeping.


Maureen said...

It's so nice to freshen things up a bit. That looks like a really nice ironing board cover. A grid - who thinks of these things!?!
Your happy scrappy houses look so cheery. Lovely quilting!
Dogs are the best!

Mrs A said...

The ironing board looks fantastic for quilters! The blocks are great, and Raven is beautiful too :)

Helen in the UK said...

Congrats on getting those labels done. Great new cover for the ironing board - that grid looks very useful. LOVE that quilting pattern on the happy houses - like clamshells but much more relaxed feel to it and perfect for the houses :)

cityquilter grace said...

so that's where the cherry nickel came from...LOL...and a terrific gift! went to the quilt museum today; if you can get there before oct 14th you will see a marvelous exhibit!

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