Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Remnants of Issac

The last tatters of Hurricane Issac arrived early today with no wind but heavy rains. I worked on getting my 2 1/2" pink Half Width Of Fabric strips all cut.
I always do ten sets of ten strips. My colors tend to favor the coral, salmon, and peachy pinks over the more blued sugar pinks, as I call them. It was fun to include five sets of Civil War pinks, too. I wonder if anybody else will send CW? No matter, I love the swaps that come back!
If you are interested in possibly joining the swap, it is a Yahoo Group, Quiltville Swap, and we have both a washed and unwashed section with two wonderful hostesses.http://groups.yahoo.com/group/QuiltvilleSwap/
Dealing out the strips like cards into neat piles means I spend a lot of time on my feet!
Then I bag & tag the individual ten-strip piles into a ziplock snack sized bag and put my address label onto it. Then they all go into a big gallon baggie and into a flat rate $5.15 priority envelope. But I buy TWO $5.15 stamps; one for enclosing inside the package for the hostess to be able to send the swapped fabrics back to me, and one for the outside of the package. These are due in on September 15th, so I'm glad to have gotten them mailed out!

Our contest is over but I will need a little extra time for it to stop raining for Felix to shoot 'em up and get the winning names. I'll promise to take some pictures!

Not least, THANK YOU to everyone who participated!! You are a great group and I'm sending out mental hugs to you all. And I totally agree with you that I should make that Civil War Snowball bigger!


Beth Probasco said...

Thank you for explaining that you use the flat rate envelope. I am looking forward to my first swap in October.

SubeeSews said...

Hey there catnip mouse maker!
MaggieMae says hey too. That is the same way I lay mine out too. (strips)
I am just waiting on a couple packages and then you will be getting your swap goody bag!!! Some of mine are double pinks I hope you like them. I posted the new swapping list for 2013.
washed swap hostess

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