Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

It may seem odd to some of you that today was a Merry Christmas visit from my sister Suzanne, but we learned long ago to share the holiday by celebrating all 12 days of Christmas. That way no one ever needs to feel left out when different family groups are celebrating. We had fun catching up and exchanging small gifts over coffee.

I did manage to get a little further on Step 7 of Easy Street, completing two of the 12 triangles that I need.

These were challenging to be sure that the darks of the 4-patches stayed oriented as I sewed pieces together. This is the first time that I've seen all my colors together in a unit. To me, it looks kinda muddy and jumbled colorwise. But I'm reserving my judgements for later in the construction process.

I'm also working at my own pace this year. I plan to give myself the full week until Friday the 4th to complete these 12 large triangle units. Only then will I be ready to view the grand finale of rapid fire solution steps.
Hopefully, I will avoid the feelings of failure that I had at the end stage of Orca Bay when I couldn't keep up and abandoned the whole project in disgust. I'm not very fast. I'm not very smart. When I'm overwhelmed, I pout and sulk!

This year, I am resolved to stay steady on course and not compare my progress to others who are doing this mystery. Baby steps!
In the meantime, a huge THANK YOU to our Bonnie K. Hunter for all her fine teaching and fabulous mystery quilts!


Samantha said...

I'm only through part 4 so far. I went in knowing that I wouldn't keep up but that's okay with me.

I plan to do it at my own pace and I know I'll love the end result since it will be going on my bed! :D

Janet O. said...

I haven't even pulled fabrics yet, Vic, but it is my goal to focus on this and a birthday gift for my Mom during the month of January. You are doing great!
I'm trying to decide if I am going to use the repros I had planned, or if I am going to use shirts. I think I actually have more shirts than repro fabrics. : )

Nancy said...

Oh, I feel so much like you as far as giving up when I can't keep up. My daughters, son-in-law, and grandson have been here for 10 days and I had to stop after step 5. I has so much time already invested, though, that I'm going to push myself to do it. I like Bonnie's finish quilt but I'm glad I chose different colors. And I'm surprised that the dominant color seems to be lime green when she recommended that we have more aqua/turquoise than green.

As far as the pattern goes and your colors looking muddy, I think the pattern looks stronger when the quilt is finished and we step back to look. But again, like you, I'm reserving judgment on my colors until I get some of the blocks together.

Happy New Year to you, Vic.

Needled Mom said...

I think it looks great. I have been working on mine too. It's fun to see them all come together.

Helen in the UK said...

Keep up the good work - looks like it's coming along nicely :)

Andee said...

It looks great..I am sure there are plenty of folks who have Bonnie quilts as UFO's they just aren't blogging about it..lol. You are ahead of them all! Take your time and enjoy it!

gamawinkie said...

I am still putting together the fabrics for my Easy Street.
The idea of celebrating the 12 days of Christmas is appealing to me! Thanks for mentioning it.

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