Friday, January 4, 2013

Winter Delight

Bitter cold weather has moved in from Canada and the thermometer flirts with the big Fahrenheit zero. So far we are spared the wicked winds so it has been pleasant in the sun, but COLD!

I got a call from Linda Monasky, my longarmer, saying that I could bring my Sister's Choice Part II.

Linda took some notes and she felt that I did not need to leave Sister's Choice Part I there for making it match.

Yipppeee! That means that I can give this one, pictured above, to my sister, Suzanne, in time for the Christmas season, after all. The two quilts will be the same pattern with the same fabrics in the borders and the same quilting, even though the blocks are all scrappy.
As for Easy Street, I'm working steadily on step 7 and have seven of the large pieced setting triangles assembled. They sure do need a good starching to make them behave.

Only five to go!

Here is another one.
Tonight's supper was a winter favorite of ours that we call Hogs in Quilts (instead of pigs in blankets). It's a Paula Deen recipe from her cooking show. You wrap a boiled, sliced open (lengthwise) piece of keilbasa in a piece of Pillsbury Crescent Roll dough, but add your best mustard and a little cheese inside the slice. Bake at 375 F for 15 minutes. They are hearty and delicious!


Janet O. said...

Oh, I love the Sister's Choice! That is on my short list! Beautiful, Vic!
Dinner looks yummy! Especially on a cold night. It is 9 degrees below zero right now at my house. Brrr!

Marge Gordon said...

I love your quilts! Love the scrappiness of them!

Glady said...

I like the look of your corner squares and can't wait to see how your completed quilt will look with the Civil War prints. I'm glad you mentioned the "spray starch." That will help me tame my flying geese when I start assembling my pieces, parts. Stay warm!

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