Saturday, January 12, 2013

Saturday At Trudy's Thrift Shop

One favorite haunt of mine is to go to Trudy's Thrift Shop in the next town over in Alton, New Hampshire. I go there to feel rich because I can afford so much neat stuff for twenty bucks! My dear friend, Ilse was right on the way, so I grabbed her and off we went bargain hunting.

I thought it prudent to look for a couple of large bath towels for when Matthew returns to his dorm room at New Hampshire Technical Institute and I found 3 of them for $2.00 each.

Ahhhh, but what my heart was craving was basketry! Just admire these beauties that escaped with me:
From left to right, they were $3.50, $5.50, and $2.50! And won't they be perfect for holding quilt blocks that are waiting to be assembled?

But I saved the best part of the tale for last. For $2.00, I got an all cotton twin flannel sheet that was clean and had no rips. When I got it home, I spread it out on the futon and used it as a temporary design wall for the 6" Cheddar Rail blocks. This will be a baby quilt but I needed to lay it out and my driveway is still a mess of slushy ice.

It worked terrific! But Raven was temporarily displaced. She was kinda confused about it all and decided to hang out in Puppy Dad's chair.


Janet O. said...

What, no shirts? : )
I'm a sucker for a good thrift store. Looks like this is a fun one. Nice baskets!
Flannel sheets make great design walls, don't they?

bertiequilts said...

I really really like the oval basket for 2.50 on the right... neat idea to hold blocks in baggies ready to sew together.

sewnsew said...

Nice finds!!
I have friends that live in Alton.

Helen in the UK said...

Wonderful purchases - love a good rummage in a thrify store! Funny how in the next county of us (Hampshire) they have a town called Alton :)

Debra said...

Basket Love! That's what I do with my quilt units too. I'm running out of baskets as I'm working on so many projects!!! Those are great prices Vic, can't get them here for that price, well you can but they'd be pretty small! Happy for you.

cityquilter grace said...

great to thrift!

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