Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy St.Patrick's Day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day to all of you! I am celebrating it quietly by continuing to sew on the next batch of 16 scrappy log cabin blocks.I wanted to show you that Judie Rothermel Mill Girls stripe up close from my last post of Mr. Bojangles. Here it is;
Some of the shirtings looked like polka dots, but they really are more complex designs than just simple dots.

 Matthew took these pictures of me for the blog, doing the scrappy log cabins.

I am only finger pressing as I add a strip, and then trimming the ends before adding the next strip.
You can see my trimmings plastic waste basket, in the picture up above, is almost full!

When the whole block is done, I press it very well with the iron and my spray pressing solution to give it a really good flattening!
After that, I'll trim it to the 10 inch square size.

Yesterday, I celebrated a splendid International Quilting Day by going up to The Mothership, a.k.a. Keepsake Quilting, with three other gals from my sit'n'sew group called The Sew & Sews. We had fun shopping and then went out to lunch nearby at The Canoe, which is a nice restaurant there.
On the way home, We had to go right by The Quilted Frog, so we stopped in there too. Both quilt shops were having sales of 20% off at KQ and 30% off at the Frog, so there were bargains to be had!
Here's my loot from The Mothership:
I got 2 yards of the cheddar on top, by Renee Nanneman in Need a lil Love for Andover which I just love! The Civil War shirtings are a Judie Rothermel and two Paula Barnes' designs going from left to right.
The KQ remnants were good pickin's! I even scored a couple of Indigo Crossings because we went early in the day, whoohooo!
The remnants were an additional 20% off the already discounted prices and no shipping costs! Wheee! Click on the pictures to enlarge them. I think that the Civil War tan with the red figure was Brannock & Patek which might be Moda, not sure. When they are folded with the raffia ribbons it is almost impossible to read the signature selvedges.
Not least was the wonderful neutrals from the Frog and that one end cut of terracotta red. yummo!
When I stand at the ironing board down cellar in my Quilting Cave, if I look up, I often see and hear a lil lonely lady Labrador whining for me to join her for naps on the futon.
I talk to her out loud to reassure her that I'm just not quite done sewing...
She has enough arthritis to loathe going on the stairs even though she CAN do it. Then I go upstairs and find this!!!!
Raven, you are quite a character!


Penny said...

That stripe is fabulous, finishes the quilt off beautifully!

Auntie Em said...

Sweet, sweet Raven!
Looks like some wonderful bargains at the mother ship!

cityquilter grace said...

nice haul simply must come my way and do marden's some day...and i have eaten at the canoe...nice place

SandraB said...

Your Raven is quite the character. You two make quite a pair. I so enjoy your activities. Thank you for sharing.

Janet O. said...

You scored, Vic! Love the fabrics you found. Can't wait to check out K.Q. How far from there is the other shop--the frog place? : )
Is The Canoe in Center Harbor, too?

Helen in the UK said...

You've got to love Raven - she's such a poser!!! Looks like you had a wonderful St Patrick's Day :)

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