Monday, March 11, 2013

No Coat Days

Today I took Alfred, Ilse's husband over to a Dr.'s appointment due to the fact that her car is still in the shop. I told Ilse that I would also take him out to lunch at the Alton Senior Center. Alfred is 87 and I am 63, so we both qualify for the over 60 price of $2.00 for a hot meal. The menu was a stuffed pepper, carrots, garden salad, a roll, fruit salad and two shortbread cookies. Quite fine!
We played a bit of jigsaw puzzle before lunch with the free decaf coffee. A great puzzler named Paulette came and joined us.

I confess to being a bit antsy to leave after lunch, but there was a poetry reading as the speaker. I knew that my precious box of new fabric from the post office was sitting in my car and I was dying to open it and revel in my Kansas Troubles treasures!
I'm definitely gonna do some more moody log cabins with these! I stole an Ebay auction for one dollar and am very pleased!

I just realized after I wrote that just how misleading it was! There were 74 FQ's and the opening bid was $99.99 and I bid 100.99 and it was just as the auction closed, so I won it! It was $1.00 over the other gal's bid. The shipping was $15.30 so my total was 116.29 divided by 74 FQ's =$1.57 each. I had been nervously watching it all week.
They are mostly moody greens, browns, reds, and neutrals. I think I only counted two that were deep blue. I love them!

The churn dash swap left me just shy of the few more that I needed to make 63 blocks for a generous twin. Here are a few of what I pieced to make up the deficit.
The light fabric of the above is technically not a Civil War like the rest, but it was the very last fat eighth from a bundle that I had won in a doorprize at my guild for wearing my name badge.
If you click on the above picture to enlarge it, you'll see the tawny dragonflies in the light background. Here is another set that was far less successful when it comes to contrasting fabrics.
The fabrics are pretty but it all sort of gets lost in a grey-blue mush.
Well, too bad, because IN IT GOES!!! LOL! Maybe I'll name this quilt, "The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly!"
Can you believe that I still need two more blocks? Ugh. So near and yet so far. Taking a nap sounds better to me right now.

I celebrated the sun with Raven out in front of the garage, too! The basket is another Trudy's Thrift Shop find for a buck!


Janet O. said...

Wow, what a wonderful bundle of fabrics! Do I understand you correctly that you got all of that for just a dollar? Where am I when they have such great deals?
Oh, my--the churn dash blocks are wonderful. You NEED to use the ones with low contrast. Vintage scrap quilts always have a few of those. This will give your quilt an instant aged look! : )
Look at that sunshine--we have been overcast all day.

cityquilter grace said...

you are an ebay diva, i swear! what a terrific haul...i am drooling over judie rothermel's party of 12 but $90 for just 36 FQs seems over the top, though i know it's the going rate for new fabric. still waiting on my blue variety, apparently cyndi is under the weather...

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