Thursday, March 7, 2013

Ups and Downs

One whole quilty day was lost this week due to our quick response to the news that a downstate animal shelter had just gotten some new arrivals of adoptable dogs. Felix and I have been casually looking for an acceptable stray to join our home in our capacity as Animal Control Officers for the towns of Gilmanton and Belmont here in New Hampshire. We have not seen any dog that would work in our home with Raven for the two years since Luau died. The shelters are filled with Pit Bulls and Staffordshire Terriers, which is the correct name for a pit bull. We cannot accept that breed for our insurance liability. Additionally, we are prejudiced against the look of the bull dog type face. They are UGLY! If you own one and love her/him, then GOD BLESS you!
So we drove over 2 hours one way to get to meet this 4-month old spayed female puppy at the Stratham chapter of the SPCA. We had only seen one picture but she was listed as a lab mix. When we got there, she was all pit bull in the face and when she had been given her rabies vaccine, the veterinarian had listed her breed as Pit Bull! She was so hyper that her face doesn't show as she moved out of the picture here.
We tried one other dog, too, but that one was so aggressive that she actually nipped at poor Raven, who had been brought along on the trip to interview prospective adoptees. We left with only our treasured Raven and felt very blessed by her good nature!!! I confess that I was disappointed to still not find a new companion dog for Raven.
On a quiltier note, I did get over to The Golden Gese quilt shop in Concord, New Hampshire to do a layout for a quilt for my "kid" sister (she's 53!), Lucinda, in Connecticut. I bought most of these 2 1/2" strips as a sale-priced Cappuchino & Creams collection from Keepsake Quilting. I just wanted to do a simple, dumb log cabin with them, no frills! I shared the space with some wonderful Concord guild gals who were rescuing an old Victorian crazy quilt with a basting party.
The Fields & Furrows, or Streak of Lightening arrangement pleased me! I picked up all the blocks in order of the rows from left to right after I had pinned the row label numbers on, and put them in a basket. I brought them home and SEWED THE ROWS together! Usually this is the step where I goof off and procrastinate, so I'm pleased.
LOL! You can still see my pinned-on row label markers! I am going to try quilting this one myself by taking a longarm lesson. I'm just as anxious as I am excited. So far, I haven't yet booked my appointment for it.
Happy Sewing, everybody!


Janet O. said...

Sorry your efforts to adopt did not yield the desired result.
That looks like a great Log Cabin quilt. Congrats on forging past your demons and getting the rows sewn! : )

Helen in the UK said...

The right dog will come along and you're quite right to hold out for a new family member who will fit in with everyone :)

cityquilter grace said...

very nice the colors....and good for you tackling machine quilting!

Nancy said...

You are really good, Vic, to make a quick decision about the arrangement of your log cabin blocks. I played with placement for days trying to decide which arrangement I wanted. Even better is that you came home and sewed the blocks together right away. I'm impressed! Your cabins are beautiful, by the way.

sewnsew said...

I really like this quilt. I took lessons on the longarm and quilted a Linus quilt. Now, I am waiting for my batting (20 yds of 122" wool batting) to arrive. It cost plenty, but I have 4 quilts about ready and a couple more to do. I wanted wool and that is the cheapest way. It should do 6 kings for $234. That comes to $39 a batt. I only have one , my easy street that needed it that big, so am sure to get more than 6 batts.

Beth in MN said...

You will like working on the longarm. Good for you to think of signing up for a class. There are getting to be more places that rent out time on a quilting machine. I have a midarm (17" Funquilter) and do my own quilting. Still have a lot to learn but the setup will soon have paid for itself by not having to send out to someone else to do my quilting. Love your log cabin quilt and I am sure the "kid" will like it also. Sorry Raven didn't get a new playmate.

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