Saturday, March 30, 2013

Springing Up

My little Good Friday diversion with the Independence Trail charm packs was great fun! I made up five rather large 13 1/4" blocks that pleased me no end because I'm such a sucker for a star pattern. Some Windham General's Wives by Nancy Gere had just arrived and, "Huzzah!" it was the same taupe toned background. Now, mind you, it had NOT been prewashed, but it dawned on me that neither had the charm pack squares. So I used it. There!
This piece is now a shade off 40" square and I'm not sure how I'm going to grow it. I suspect it will be with lots of flying geese and graph paper! LOL!
Today we were all delirious with the mild air temps of 52 degrees that keeps making the snowpack melt. I opened up the doors in both the living room and to the garage to air out the house with the fresh air. Marvelous!!!

Here beside the dirty patch of snow is the promise of what will be croci and daffodils. Wheeeee!
I go out to see their progress everyday. In New England, Spring is an event worth watching!
And I continue to sew the binding of the Cappuchino Log Cabin. Right now, I have turned the last corner and am coming down the fifth side, LOL!
Happy sewing to you!


Janet O. said...

I'm pretty sure when I'm binding my quilts grow an extra side, too! Aren't you funny!
Love your star blocks--lovely!
We actually hit the 60s today, but no open windows for me. DH and two neighbors all chose this lovely day to burn ditches. Unless you live in farm country, that may have no meaning, but the air was full of smoke for most of the warm part of the day. : (

swooze said...

My quilts have five sides too! Sometimes6!

Lori said...

five sides? Truly--or does it just FEEL that way!!

Saw your purple crocus--I am so jealous! But we don't have quite that much snow--just ground frozen like a rock. It snowed on Easter.

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