Monday, April 1, 2013

April Fool!

Today was the big opening day for my ever-watched and breathlessly-anticipated croci blossoms!
HOORAY!!!!! The clump of dirty snow that was beside them is gone, too! These little dears mean more than the finest dozen long-stemmed roses to the winter-weary world here in the north country. We long for brown grass right now because it means that it is no longer snow covered. Look here at my snowplow-damaged lawn and you'll see what I mean!
Looking towards the orchard and vegetable garden, there's still a lot of snow to go.
Even our blacktop isn't clear yet.
Yesterday, I enjoyed helping Matthew to color some eggs for Easter.
We had a great time and did quite a few eggs!
We took turns with the tongs and the camera.

Then we were off to visit Matthew's 86 year old Father, John, at the nursing home where he lives.
Matthew looked great, too!

We had a marvelous visit!

So I really did not do very much sewing but I got a start on putting together sashing rows of my Civil War Churn Dash quilt that I started in a Charlene Higgins workshop at The Golden Gese in Concord, New Hampshire.
I just love red quilts and I want this to be red, even though it is Civil War scrappy. The sashing is called Williamsburg Folk Art Patterns by Windham and I do love it. I just hope it will be okay as far as the directionality of the print is concerned. Hmmmm, oh well!
Happy sewing and don't get caught by the April Fool!


Janet O. said...

Nothing blooming in my yard yet, although I have seen blossoms in other yards around me. But my snow is all gone!!
Looks like you had a good time on Easter Sunday. : )
Love the red for the sashing. Are you going to be picky about getting the print all going in the same direction? I know I would be, but I admire those who don't feel compelled to do so. : )

Nann said...

We have drab leftover snow/ice patches, too. Crocuses are up here (and I snapped their picture last week) -- but a year ago this coming Saturday I staked the peonies. They are nowhere near that stage this year.

Mary H said...

I enjoy your blog very much and check it often. I don't blog myself but I follow others for inspiration. I have a question for you. You made a scrappy star quilt a while back and I wanted to make one too but got side tracked. Would you share the directions/measurements for your scrappy stars. Thanks Mary

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