Thursday, April 25, 2013

Drop And Give Me Twenty-four!

No, no, no, not twenty four push ups! Twenty four quicky log cabin blocks, LOL! I still haven't tired of them. In a weak moment late at night on Ebay, I bought some inexpensive vintage Cranston scraps and quickly sliced and diced them into 2" strips.
I have a definite problem with giving away quilt-shop-quality quilts to anonymous recipients in the various quilt drives for the needy. There are too many stories of the needy folks selling off those comfort quilts for drug money. I love my quilts! I have spent months making most of them and it is REALLY hard to part with them. I like to just gaze at all the different fabrics that are in the quilt and enjoy them all. Okay, I'm a quilt miser.
I started doing these 24 log cabin blocks as some relief from the rows-sewing and pressing of the churn dashes. I'll have to get back to them, too.
But right now I'm having fun strip piecing the log cabins with the hope that I might be able to donate it.
I like to trim the last strip's end edge, then place the block face down onto the next or ongoing strip, finger-pressing as I go.
I have 24 blocks in the chain cycle.
So far, they have 8 strips added onto the red chimney and I'm planning to do 12, so I have a bit more to go.
Here is my quilter's breakfast with a few slices of ripe brie cheese, scrambled eggs, and some new-to-me potato patties from the frozen foods section.

The brand of the patties is "Cavendish" and they are imported from Prince Edward Island, Canada. We gently fry them in a small bit of canola oil and, boy howdy, are they ever tasty! Sure beats toast!
Hey! I didn't think of it, but this happened to be a gluten-free breakfast! How about that?
Last night the skies were clear for the full moon that rose with great drama.
Happy sewing!


Janet O. said...

I hadn't heard the stories about people selling the quilts for drug money. Makes you think, doesn't it?
Beautiful moon shot!

Needled Mom said...

The log cabins always look so nice. It is a great pattern.

cityquilter grace said...

yummy...blocks AND breakfast! i had some of that red with the stars and might have a few strips left someplace...a cheery fabric

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