Saturday, April 27, 2013

Quilt Show in Hudson, New Hampshire

Today's perfect Spring weather made the hour-long drive south to Hudson, New Hampshire, very enjoyable. The occasion was the Hannah Dustin Quilter's guild annual quilt show.
This show is just a tad smaller than my guild and it was  held at the Hudson Community Center.
This very large, 98.5" X 111.5 Civil War Tribute quilt was definitely a favorite of mine.
The colors were so mellow! Here is a detail:
Click on any photo for close ups.

I loved this little scrappy quilt! The different creams and tans in the background were scrappy, too.
Batiks with blacks were popular; here is a nice one:
The white fabric had a glittery iridescent finish and the quilting was done in a shimmery rainbow variegated thread.
These florals appealed to me greatly!
There were so many quilts that I liked! My passion for stars was indulged, too.
A second one, too!
I hope I have the right legend with the right quilt.
The fabrics were delicious!
Although I usually yawn during 1930's quilt reproductions, there were two that made me sit up and take notice.

Here is the second 1930's reproduction that I liked very much.
So many of the 1930's styles suffer from, "too-much-white-disease," yet these examples were nicely balanced and lively.
I also truly enjoyed a crazy quilt that had been foundation pieced, but I do not know if she meant paper foundations or muslin fabric. She said printed, so I suspect paper, don't you?
It had such a pleasant rhythm to the pattern and yet so much movement in its scrappiness.

The show had many more delightful quilts than I could possibly photograph and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.
Not the least important was meeting up with Cheryl Wentworth of the Seasoned Saltbox Quilt Shop, who is a friend and fabric vendor.

Ahhh, a fabric fix for my obsession. Yippee!
And some reds that are just more yummy than my camera would allow. And on the far left is the one piece of a very deep taupe that Cheryl gifted to me. I love it!
Thank you, Cheryl!

As I was about to leave the show, I stopped at a table where a Hannah Dustin Guild member was selling guild-made quilt blocks for $1.00 apiece. They were all friendship star blocks done with white-on-white or neutral backgrounds and would finish at 9".

What a delightful way to support this guild! I bought 12 blocks in a variety of colors and wondered all the way home how to set them to avoid that dreaded "too-much-white" look, LOL!

Happy sewing!


Janet O. said...

Looks like a wonderful show, Vic. There are some lovely quilts.
You picked up great fabrics, too.
I chuckled about your "dreaded too-much-whiteness" disease. You could do some small flipped triangles (from squares) on the white corners that would form little diamonds when it is all assembled. Just a thought.

Crickets Corner said...

Thanks for sharing a small part of the show. Sounds like you had fun. I was thinking the same as Janet....snowball the corners to chase away some of the white.

Auntie Em said...

Thanks for sharing some of the highlights of the show. I love working with the cheerful 1930's prints, but I pass over the ones with white backgrounds and end up with more of a pastel quilt.

cityquilter grace said...

love, love, love those star quilts too! and little blocks, gorgeous! looks like a good time was had there vic...and more retail therapy too i see...

Glady said...

Thanks for taking us along to the quilt show. I really liked the cabin flowers quilt. I have a fondness for floral material.

Lori said...

L-127 I think is the "Morning Star" pattern from Quilter's Cache. Its also in a Nickel Quilts book I think.

The trip to Marsdens--I DROOLED!!

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