Sunday, April 21, 2013

A Well-Spent Saturday

When I came home from Bonnie Hunter's Midnight Flight workshop, my very dear husband, Felix, took one look at my smile and said, "Oh you've got a 'Bonnie glow' on!"  I was happy, excited, energized, and exhausted all at once.
It was the best time ever! Little "Scottie", my Scotland-made Singer Featherweight sewed perfectly and for once, my quarter inch seams were right on the mark. You can see that I had chain-pressed pieces at one of the many ironing boards that were set up and I was wearing them like flower leis, LOL!
This was a BIG workshop of 46 gals and almost all of us had attended Bonnie's wonderfully witty lecture two nights before. There were even a couple of other Featherweights humming.

Having had that lecture in common made it very quick to break the ice. We all sewed and chatted as if we were dear old friends. The camaraderie was phenomenal!
Kudos to the Amoskeag Quilters' Guild for their great set up and use of the space in the Fellowship Hall of the Emmanuel Baptist Church in Hooksett, New Hampshire. There was plenty of table space with separate cutting tables.
And a fabulous free snack bar with brewed coffee and hot tea water.
For those of us who had not brought our own lunch, they took orders for lunch from a local sandwich shop and brought it in on separate lunch tables away from the work area.
There was a flannel design board set up, too!

Bonnie taught non-stop!

She worked with us by dividing us into 3 work groups by the tables and delivered her knowledge to be shared, times three, so that we could all see and ask questions.
Then she circulated and gave help to individuals, too. She was a seemingly tireless ball of energy!
This was the quilt that she was teaching, Midnight Flight.
But Bonnie teaches techniques as she goes, so you get much more than just how to do a quilt block!
After lunch she allowed a short session of show & tell.
Most were Bonnie designs but a few were not.

I'm sorry I can't name them all!
Click on my pictures for a larger view.
I was thrilled by the applause that my Easy Street brought!
The gal who was sitting right beside me was Brenda (wearing light blue) who brought two quilts that I admired, this Christmasy one,
And also a drop-dead gorgeous Roll Roll Cotton Boll, too!
Way to go, quilters!!!!!
 I was very pleased to accomplish ONE block! I had to pick it out twice when I had things twisted the wrong way, but Bonnie helped me to correct it and get it perfect.
When the four quadrants of this one block are all put together, there are EIGHTY-EIGHT PIECES!!!
If you ever get the chance to go to a Bonnie Hunter workshop event, do it. It is soooooo worthwhile.
Thank you so much, Bonnie!!!!

Happy Sewing!


rockgranny said...

Being a big fan of Bonnie I envy you for this class,and wish I could visit her workshop but living so far, far away... Mission impossible

Nann said...

I knew you were going to have a wonderful day, and your photos prove it! Thanks so much for the report!

The Thimblemouse of Country Crossroads said...

What a fabulous time you had...great pictures - thanks for sharing - we get Bonnie in 2015 at our shop and can not wait! :)

Beth in MN said...

Hey Vic, You lucky person!! A Bonnie Hunter workshop!!! Wow! It was also nice to see your picture with Easy Street on Bonnie's blog. What fun. Glad you had fun.

cityquilter grace said...

fantastic photos vic and love your quilt! and yes i am going to a bonnie workshop may 5th....smith mountain morning....cannot wait!

Janet O. said...

"Bonnie glow"--I love that!!
I think you made a drop-dead gorgeous Easy Street, Vic. Oh, it is warm and wonderful looking in those CW fabrics!
Looks like SO much fun--wish I could have been in NH for that, but I'll see you there this Fall!

Helen in the UK said...

What a day! Love that you finished your Easy Street top for show and tell and seeing the other contributions. The picture of you wearing your 4patch necklace is beautiful :)

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