Friday, April 12, 2013

Spooky and the Churn Dash

My cutting table looks like a churn dash bomb went off on it!
These are the quite wonderful blocks from my block swap, which was both positive and negative images of blocks, as you can see. I wanted to spread them out a bit as I assembled them with the red sashing.
I just love red! When I can't sleep, I moon over the antique and vintage completed quilts that feature red fabrics over on Ebay. The red ones seem to always fetch more money, too.
I need 9 rows like the one above and I have worked hard to try to keep the directionalized fabric of the red sashing going all in one way, with the stems of the fronds pointing to the left.
I like the way it is growing and I have 5 of the nine rows that I need already done, so that's better than halfway, WHEEEE!!!
Isn't that cheddar block just fabulous?  I am so determined to not create another "quilt-in-a-basket" where I have all the blocks made for a top safely stored and never assembled!

As a leader/ender project, I've also been assembling little indigo and neutral quarter square triangle blocks that are 3 1/2" unfinished.

I cut 2" strips from the blue and stack it with a 2" strip of the cream with right sides facing together and then cut out the isosceles triangles with the Companion Ruler by EZ.
I have a nice little pair of stacks of them that need their dogears trimmed but I haven't counted them yet. I think that I'd like to do the Pfefferneuse quilt idea from Bonnie's String Fling book, but I cannot find my copy in all this rubble, LOL!
In the meantime, my frightfully-allergic-to-cats husband, Felix, and I have been blessed or cursed with the presense of a stray feral cat who has taken up residence in our garage.

It has lived there all winter but there was no point in mentioning it here because he or she is too skittish to get a picture.

Hence the name is Spooky! My policy is that I will feed her as long as I do not smell cat urine in the garage. If I smell that, I stop feeding for a week.

Spooky is a brindle color and white. Is that called a tabby cat? I'm not sure. My sister says that if a cat is tri-color it has to be female. Please do let me know if you have any ideas about this. What I don't know about cats would fill 6 volumes, LOL!
If you are looking for a Spring treat, how about asparagus with chicken chunks in a cream sauce made with Cambell's condensed cream of chicken soup?
We served ours over hot jasmine rice.
A little sprinkle of paprika on top and it's Chicken A La Queen!
Happy sewing!


Nann said...

Love the red with the churndashes.
Those blue/light hourglasses just could be a border for the churndashes, you know.....

Janet O. said...

Your churn dash blocks make me wish some would explode here! Love them!!
And as much as I love red--I love blue even more, so your little indigo and cream blocks are singing to me.

Glady said...

Love your churn dash blocks! I only made one churn dash block in a sampler quilt, but you are inspiring me. Did you see the new churn dash video from Missouri Star? I have not had time to watch it yet, but love their tutorials. You also made me hungry for asparagus! Yummy!

Nancy said...

Your churn dashes are gorgeous. I love red, too. And yes, I have also heard that if a cat has 3 or more colors it is a female. I don't have this on any authority BUT every cat I've known with 3 or more colors has been female. Any chance of taming the cat? Probably not, huh? (Not that you'd want it in your home with Felix being allergic.)

Helen in the UK said...

The churn dashes are looking wonderful - red is a favourite of mine too! The QSTs look fun as leaders/enders :)

cityquilter grace said...

love all your blocks vic! they are are certainly sewing up a storm. what fun though, eh? gorgeous fabrics too of course...

Angie said...

That recipe looks yummy---will file that for future reference. :) Now, for those Churn Dash blocks---O.M.Goodness I LOVE them and that red fabric for the sashing is PERfect. Who is that red fabric by? I would love to have some of that---the Churn Dash is my all-time favorite block and these are so gorgeous in those fabrics.


Love your Churn Dash blocks. I haven't tackled this block as of yet, but am adding it to my "to do list" love your blog. Sharon L.

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