Sunday, April 14, 2013

Friday's Cruel Joke

Sleet all day piled up into 2 inches of slush and gave us a dreary cold cloudy day on Friday.
The only one who loved it was Raven, who rolled in it and enjoyed her snowbath!
Spooky allowed another photo,
As for me, I drank mocha and sewed more Churn Dash rows. Here is the signature selvedge of that red sashing fabric that is going between all the blocks.
It's Williamsburg Folk Art Village by Windham. I have been scissor-trimming a strip of the selvedge to save it as one piece before I rotary cut my better fabrics. I just leave the long wild "tail" attached to the body of the yardage and tuck it into the folds when it goes back on the shelf. I cut it off when it is about half a yard, or wherever the signature ends.
The one good thing that happened is my needles came in from Needlecoop , a yahoo group buying program.
These are sewing machine needles made in China with the flat shank. I find them as good as Schmetz, made in Germany, which is what I used to use. These cost me about $25 for 10 packages of 10, a fraction of the cost of the German brand.
That's a quarter a pop! And now I have a hundred of them so I'm not afraid to change my needle more often.
What I did differently this order, was to get the embroidery sharps instead of the regular sharps because the embroidery sharps have a larger eye with the same sized shank. I hope that will make it easier for these old eyes to thread those new eyes, LOL!
Happy sewing!

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Janet O. said...

We had a snowstorm last week--and another in this week's forecast. And the days in between vary from cold, cloudy and windy to warm and sunny. They are just toying with us, aren't they?

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