Monday, April 15, 2013

Smiling At Myself

Last minute tax forms' completion from last night for Felix and Matthew were top priority! So then we were off to the Post Office to mail them with today's postmark.

"If it weren't for the last minute, some things just wouldn't get done at all!"
                                    -Victoria Carroll-Parkhill

But today was sunny and mild with sweet breezes that simply intoxicated you with the promise of Spring. 59 degrees and the doors were opened to let in fresh air. The sleet and snow are all gone. And the sunshine was abundant.
Over on the sunny western side of the house are the Mount Hood daffodils, the earliest variety. At 5pm after a day of sun, they are almost ready to pop!
Throughout the year, I collect a few thrift store vases especially saved for this time of renewal.
I like to take bouquets to my elderly friends and a bunch for the Senior Center over in Alton, too. I planted these myself, with Felix's help, and I never tire of them!
Today I spent time in the blessed SUN, which we have hardly even seen for over a week. It sure did improve my mood! Geez, I had gotten so grouchy and depressed with no ambition to try to do anything. Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD, is like that and even though I use corrected for daylight lightbulbs, nothing beats the sun.

After taking Matthew in to college at New Hampshire Technical Institute in Concord, I stopped at The Golden Gese quilt shop with a bag of rows of churn dashes and their sashing rows. I had finished sewing the 9th and final churn dash row this morning at 6:30am when I was up early.
I spread them out to ensure a good color distribution and besides, I was dying to see what it was all going to look like, weren't you, too?
Charlene Higgins, at the shop, was expecting another gal who had called and requested the use of the bigger table, but she welcomed me to use the three class tables that are almost as big.
So when you are looking at these, they are missing the sashing rows that are supposed to go in between the churn dash rows. To do all 19 rows together would have fallen off the table.

Maybe if you click on the picture to enlarge it, you can make out the four rows of sashings with their 4-patch cornerstones, way off in the distance.
If you want the truth, the photos look better than seeing it in person. That Windham Williamsburg red sashing fabric is just so BUSY!!!! Now I hate the whole quilt. But I have learned to bite my tongue and go with the flow. All my quilts seem to go through the, "It's ugly and I hate it..." stage. So please bear with me and my horrid child, LOL!
Happy sewing!


Janet O. said...

But you love that red fabric. How dare you call it a horrid child! : )
It looks great in the photos, Vic.

Helen in the UK said...

Well it does look good in the photos, so hopefully you'll love it again soon :)

cityquilter grace said...

looks gorgeous from here....we all have those love/hate moments with our quilts..ignore them. can't wait to see it done!

kathy said...

love the red fabric and am sure that when it gets done it will be great. also glad to see that the daffodils are up since we are heading your way for a class reunion,

Shirlsu said...

I'm currently going through an 'I hate you' moment with my current quilt. I hate the borders, no matter what anyone else says. Wanna trade? I LOVE your Churn Dash quilt. I'm sure we will both get past our hateful moments as long as we persevere!

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