Sunday, May 5, 2013

Meeting Buddy

It has been almost three years since my beloved little lady lab named "Luau" died from an inoperable cancer after being our pet for 11 years. Raven and I both miss having a second dog. so when we were asked, in our capacity as Animal Control Officers, to provide a foster home for an abandoned lab/hound mix, we said yes.
So here is Buddy.
He is clean and kind and very high energy! Raven was pretty stand-offish at first but now seems to like playing fetch the tennis ball with him.
At a healthy 7 years, he runs old Raven ragged. Boy, howdy, does she ever sleep hard!
Buddy seems to fit right in when it comes to futon privileges.
He gets plenty of exercise and sleeps well, too!
Keeping this quilty, I never got the chance to tell you about my April 30th trip to Keepsake Quilting.
It was the last day of their "Show & Tell" promotion for 15% off regular prices if you brought something in to show. It was a beautiful Spring day and the place was deserted!
I chose 12 bolts of delicious Civil War shirtings in olde timey neutrals and asked for a quarter yard cut of each one. The clerk stacked all of them and made one cut across the 24 layers of cloth!
My show and tell was my Cappuchino log cabin and the gals loved it! Forgot to have them take my picture with it but here is one from my clothesline:
I was so very proud of my quilting on Ellen Peters' rented longarm machine!
These are the neutral Civil War shirtings:
I also got a couple of Rene Nanneman from the "Need a Lil' Love" line that I think is Andover, not sure. But I loved that cheddar one and bought all there was left on the bolt, about 2 1/2 yards.
Such fun!
Happy sewing!

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Helen in the UK said...

Welcome Buddy - looks like he's fitting right in :)

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