Friday, May 17, 2013


There is a very special project that I have been working on since about January. It is a set of matching quilts for three very unusual babies. They are triplets to be born, (I think in July) and will be my friend Sharon's first grandchildren. The triplet's Mom, Sharon's daughter, is Beth, who happens to love American antiques. So my quilts for them are scrappy log cabins, all done in Civil War reproduction fabrics with different flannel backings.
I wanted to create a set that had good continuity of sameness, with enough subtle differences to also be individualized quilts, too.
There are two little girls and one little boy, so I made two Barnraising (or Wreaths) in reversed lights/darks for the two little girls, and one Fields & Furrows (or Streak of Lightening) for the little boy child.
All the bindings are the same; they were done in a solid paperbag brown broadcloth. I just finished the last binding this morning. You may click on a picture to enlarge it to see the fabrics better. If you love seeing lots of creative baby quilts, I've linked up over at the Michelle's Romantic Tangle blog, too. The link is here.
The quilting was done at Ellen Peters' studio by me with the same Baptist Fans pattern on each one. I thought that would reinforce the concept that they are a set. Warm and Natural was the batting choice.
The red chimney centers are very traditional and they are all the same fabric throughout each quilt to give them unity.
Because the blocks are scrappy, they have a little bit of a playful wonkiness to them that I find charming. I just kept adding strips until the blocks were large enough to trim down to 10" square, and that finished at 9 1/2" in the quilts.
One of the girl's wreaths has roses on cream flannel backing,
And the second girl's wreath has country apples on a teal flannel background.
The boy's backing is a plain chocolate brown flannel.
Each quilt is 16 blocks set 4 by 4 and they measure out at about 38" square, although They have not been washed yet and still need labels.
I know that they don't look like "Baby" quilts with duckies and bunnies, but they were made with all my love and prayers for these very special dear babies. I was never a Mom, so there are no grandchildren for me, so I am very happy for my dear friend and sewing buddy, Sharon.

Happy sewing!


Glady said...

Oh, Vic, your baby quilts are absolutely perfect! Those lucky little triplet babies will be wrapped up in history, charm, prayers and love. The log cabin patters are so much more unique than a ducky or bunny quilt and I'm sure their mom, being a history buff, will treasure them. I like the warm and natural batting too. I have a question. Do you do your own quilting or have it done?

Beth in MN said...

Vic, Love the quilts. They will be very appreciated by someone who likes antiques (and even if they don't). The Baptist Fans is one of my favorite quilting designs. Did you do it with rulers, groovy boards or panto?

Kate said...

These are just gorgeous, Vic! Eventually duck and bunny quilts, no matter how wonderful they are, have to be stored away as the children outgrow them. These will never be outgrown! What a fabulous idea!

Janet O. said...

Wonderful quilts for the sweet triplets to come, Vic! What a thoughtful gesture!
I love the thought process behind your choices. Great job!

Helen in the UK said...

What a wonderful trio of quilts! You've done a brilliant job at these - different, but definately a group. Being as they are not "baby cutsie" they will last the children far longer :)

Marge Gordon said...

These quilts will last longer and be used more than a "baby" quilt would have been. Great job and they are all beautiful!

Nann said...

What a wonderful gift! Similar-but-different is a tribute to the triplets, too, who will need to establish their own personalities while being collectively referred to as "the triplets."

And they're done before the kids are born, which is a tribute to YOU!

cityquilter grace said...

superb job, a true labor of love. so kind of you to share your creativity and friendship with such memorable and personal doubt they will be treasured!

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