Friday, May 31, 2013

Triplets Born!

The most important email I got today was one revealing that the triplets have been born healthy and Mom is doing fine. Details are sketchy but I'm delighted to know that my friend, Sharon's, daughter, Beth has such beautiful babies! Now I really must get labels on these quilts for them!!! At last, Sharon is a grandma! Congratulations to all the family!
Today was dreadfully hot and I needed to be out in it to run an errand and it was miserable as I do not have any AC in my car. I sure was glad to get home, where my two little window units were keeping the house so pleasant.
Felix was so proud to show me how he had nicely mowed the backyard. I was horrified that he had mistakenly gone over the mulch line of my flower bed and mowed down all the perennial plants there. Sigh. He meant well and he was crushed that he had goofed up.
 Maybe the coreopsis will survive? I hope so!
My neighbor, Ilse, is eighty years old and brought me a very small printed panel of American birds that had been badly cut unevenly around the sides. She wants to send it to her brother and very dear sister-in-law. I would think that the piece was probably made in the forty's or fifty's but the colors are still very vibrant. I added borders to fill out the unevenness and hope to machine quilt it tomorrow.
Happy sewing!


Janet O. said...

Lucky triplets to get those wonderful quilts!
What a pretty vintage panel! Nice of you to that for your neighbor.

Kathie said...

oh I love those 3 quilts, the log cabin block is one of my favorites and I hope to make quite a few log cabin quilts in the next year, stay tuned!!!!
that was so nice of you to make this into a quilt fro your neighbor to give as a gift.
very generous

Kathie said...

make sure you show us when its done...ok?
I am interested to see how you quilt it.

Jo said...

Lucky triplets. The quilts are beautiful.

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