Friday, May 10, 2013

Small Adjustments

Today was Friday and it was way back on Tuesday that I was quilting at Ellen Peters' studio. But YIKES!!!! my muscles in my right side of my back were screaming today. For some reason with my body, it's the day after the day after that all Hell breaks loose whenever I have over-exerted myself.
So I took a couple of asprins and got my wonderful Felix to rub me down with Ben Gay Extra Strength liniment.
Here are the promised pictures of the new loot from the clothesline after I prewashed them:
I'm definitely getting into some lovely reds lately!
But there were some greens and indigos that I liked, too.
And who can pass by a well designed floral?
I love the lights, too
Poor Felix went to mow and hit a big rock that bent this closer mower blade!
It seems that there is always something to be repaired.
Meanwhile, the lawn is filled with Quaker Ladies (Bluets), dandelions, white and purple varieties of violets, so I really don't mind if the mowing is delayed!

Lastly, we said a fond farewell to "Buddy" who was reunited with the mother of his owner, who will care for him very nicely until her son is back out on parole. He was very happy to see her and she cried to see him!
Buddy was a fine guest and we are delighted that the story has a happy ending!

Happy sewing!


Crickets Corner said...

sorry to hear about the painful back, hope it's better soon. I know your new fabric is more than likely already folded and put away but was wondering if you could tell the name and pattern for the two that are hanging together in the second picture. I enlarged the page and managed to make out Marcus Brothers but couldn't make out the pattern name. I would love to get some of each as I am collecting reds for a Country Charmer quilt and the red and cream with red next to it look perfect. Thanks so much!

Helen in the UK said...

Loving your newly acquired stash of fabrics. Those reds and neutrals would make a stunning quilt! Sorry to hear that Buddy didn't get to stay with you, but at least he is going to be loved by his 'grandma' :)

cityquilter grace said...

oohh love those reds; love all of them actually...mine are all washed/dried and stacked with no place to put them...mailed off the cheddar first thing this AM....i just didn't need all 3 yards of it

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