Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day to all my wonderful readers! My Felix gave me a big bouquet of flowers and a lovely card and he loved my card, too! It is such a treat to have fresh flowers in February, I just love them.

I spent most of the week binding and finished up a small quilt for my dear friend Debra in western Massachusetts. I had wanted her to receive it in time for Valentine's Day after her gorgeous Christmas gift of my tote bag shown here:

Alas! I was in such a hurry to get it mailed out to her on Wednesday, that I have no pictures of it for you!
N.B. Debra has posted pictures of my gifted quilt on her blog, called Feathers In My Nest. You can go to see it.

The big story today is Mother Nature's gift of 12" of fresh clean snow! This snow is fairly sticky and heavy so it was hard shoveling this morning and no Sunshine Club today.

During the night, it snowed and snowed and then there was a brief interval of freezing rain on top of the fluffy snow. Then it went back to a lighter snow until daybreak.

So that meant that Tipper was able to walk right on top of the snow, while Miss Emma Lynn was up to her tummy!

Here she is, bounding through the snow!

I have begun piecing some of the shoo fly blocks for an upcoming swap, too.

I need 4 sets of six blocks all in dots and dashes. I hadn't expected to participate due to a perceived lack of polka dot and striped fabric, but when I looked, I found some. It pays to shop the stash!

There was one day this week when I volunteered my time at an assisted living facility.

I had expected to be paid, but there was a misunderstanding about that. As a quilter, I warn you to get very specific and crass if you receive any invitation to do a presentation. Oh well, chalk it up to experience!

Stay calm and quilt on!


Janet O. said...

Pretty bouquet, Vic!
Looks snowy and cold out there. Our snow has melted on the valley floor. It is 40 degrees and we have had rain for the last few days. Crazy!
Must have been frustrating to discover you were volunteering, when that is not what you had understood.

Feathers in my Nest said...

Happy St. Valentine's Day! Thank you so very much Victoria, I hung it in a very special place...It's just stunningly beautiful....I have to get busy and get some shirts for our sleeve swap....

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