Monday, February 3, 2014

The Last Linky Party

Yesterday I worked on preparing the brown paper bag colored binding for my Antique Churn Dash. I probably should have machine sewed it on immediately while I had the energy, but I foolishly burnt myself out on doing housework, LOL! This is the quilt I'm talking about:

And here is the basket of binding. A basket really is handy so that you do not need to roll up your binding, just set the basket right beside you.

The basket keeps the binding nice and clean and organized. At my house, that means out of the dust, dirt, and doghair, LOL!

I also got the orange and blue tri-recs blocks for Celtic Solstice Bonnie K. Hunter mystery quilt all completed! I am enforcing a rule that I will not sew my blocks for the mystery until all my components are done. Here is my cache of units so far:

That meant that I need about 70 on those Chevron units. This morning I woke early, mindful of this being Bonnie Hunter's last linky party here and began to work on chevrons!

I doubt that I will finish them today, but the forward progress certainly broke my inertia.

At least I can avow that Celtic Solstice is still a work in progress and not a UFO, LOL!

Also, I was noodling around and found some fine looking choices for the Dots'n'Dashes shoofly swap over at Blockswappers, a Yahoo Group and started a few HST's for that. You'll see more of these later, I'm sure!

Working on several projects at once is a mixed blessing; you are never bored or sick of any one thing, but you are a bit subject to the feelings of being overwhelmed a bit. For me, it's all good!

Here is why Matthew could not make his bed a few mornings ago, LOL! Now who could disturb lazy lady labradors?

Stay calm and quilt on!


Helen in the UK said...

Well they do say "let sleeping dogs lie"!! Good job in keeping Celtic Solstice on the WIP pile ... little and often will get you to the finish line :)

Janet O. said...

I think I was in the midst of that overwhelmed feeling most of last year. I am trying to avoid it this year.
I think you are farther along on your Celtic Solstice than I am on my Easy Street!! : )

Gayle said...

I love the way you described your brown paper bag binding - love that color! It'll be perfect on your churn dash quilt - YUM! I still haven't finished Easy Street from last year, so I decided not to do the Celtic Solstice project - yours is looking great!

audrey said...

Love the first picture. Your quilt looks wonderful! Great idea for the binding too.:)

lindaroo said...

You have the advantage of being able to see how it will turn out, and all the variations others have made! Isn't it fun to make all the components, and then be able to put them all together?

Kathleen Wilson said...

Your churn dash quilt is beautiful! Thanks for the tip on the binding. Have a great day.

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