Saturday, February 8, 2014

Sunshine Club Doings

There was, and is, plenty of sunshine yesterday and today! It always energizes me. At The Sunshine Club, Sue was working along on her purple butterfly tumblers and Pauline had started cutting up jeans for a denim quilt.

I gave about a three minute demonstration of how to spin seams on the backs of both four-patches and pinwheel blocks. Always look for the last seam that you stitched to be facing horizontally, that means that it goes OVER the vertical seam.

Keep it oriented that way as you open the fold with the backside facing up.

Tug the right-hand side of the horizontal seam DOWN towards you and push the left-hand side of the same horizontal seam UP and away from you. As you do this, the center lump will kind of pop open as the two stitches of the vertical seam let go, but then the rest of the vertical seam is held by the horizontal seam that crosses over it. Then press firmly to flatten it all out. See the tiny pinwheel?

After everybody had seen what that was all about, we all went over to the Director, Roney's (pronounced, roe NAY, she is originally from Chihuahua, Mexico) Valentine Workshop.

Roney had brought in LOTS of art supplies!

We all had a blast revisiting this classic kindergarten activity.

After all, now we can finally appreciate it, LOL! Please do notice the mini quilt that has been placed onto the cold metal chair where I had been sitting. The Alton Community Church keeps a whole stack of these in the dining room for folks to grab and use and each one is different. Cool, huh?

Next week we leave the church to return to our "home" at the newly renovated Alton Community Center.

Stay warm with a quilt!


Beth in MN said...

What a fun day. I like the little mini quilt on the chair to help keep the posterior warm?? or just mark your spot?? LOL
Hugs and keep warm --

Janet O. said...

Spinning those seams can make a big difference in a block laying flat. Good demo!
You do know how to have fun!
I have sat on many a cold metal chair where I would have appreciated a little "bun warmer". Did I say that?

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