Friday, February 21, 2014

Wicked Good Time At The Busy Thimble

It's hard to believe that two days ago we were digging out twice from two storms that hit us on either end of the day on Wednesday.

Felix did a superb job of getting us plowed out but this is what he started with...

It is usually my task to sweep off the cars with a broom and I was very thankful for the cold temperatures that kept all the snow light and fluffy.

The kitties were unhappy about staying in the garage until I shoveled out a walkway onto the deck.

Raven and Emma-Lynn took it all in stride.

Then Thursday, yesterday, brought clear skies and the balmy temperatures of an incredible 46 degrees! As hoped and planned, I drove to South Portland, Maine to visit my dear friend, Grace. We wanted to go to our favorite reproduction quilt shop, The Busy Thimble.

This shop is located in rural Litchfield, Maine and is owned by Cyndi Black who has a passion for acquiring all the latest lines of Civil War reproduction fabrics.

The primitive pine plank walls are covered with Cyndi's wonderful quilts to inspire you!

There is fabric EVERYWHERE in all manner of glorious shapes and sizes; bolts, one yard cuts, half yard cuts, fat quarters and even "snippets" which are 14 rolled bits of 6"x10" fabric.

Grace and I both took advantage of the outdoor porch sale fabrics that were marked 30% off their prices with a one yard minimum.

We were in heaven, surrounded by quilty ideas and cloth!

Above is my stack, ready to bring in from the porch to be cut by Cyndi. I also picked out one drop-dead gorgeous red. It is by Moda from the Floral Gatherings line that you see her cutting for me here.

Grace was ogling the Paula Barnes cheddars.

Everywhere there were bolts of yardage.

I felt giddy on my fabric high, LOL!

Soon it was time to say goodbye and pay my bill, which was $75 for 9 yards and a $10.50 roll of Jo Morton snippets that was just too cute to pass up, LOL!

We had clear roads and sunny skies to drive the hour trip back to Grace's apartment where her Mom had graciously prepared a delicious dinner meal. I devoured fried haddock, oven roasted vegetables with fennel, some KFC cole slaw, and banana cream pie topped with whipped cream! Yummmy! Carolyn even let me take a piece of the pie home to Felix on his birthday. Thank you so very much!

Back to beautiful downtown Gilmanton Iron Works, New Hampshire, and safely home before the freezing rain hit us last night and this morning. Now I love snow, but I hate freezing rain!

I chose to cancel The Sunshine Club at the Pearson Road Community Center this morning as the roads were terrible.

Later on, Felix and I'll be watching the final broadcast today of the Men's Curling on the Winter Olympics.

Go Canada! Go Great Britain! Who will win it?
Congratulations to Jennifer Jones and the Women's Canadian Curling Team for their gold Medal!

We wait four years to see curling and enjoy the suspense of every play.
So until next time, as Curling Announcer Fred Roggan says, "Sweep well!"


Janet O. said...

Oh, THAT is the shop I would LOVE to visit, Vic. Unfortunately, it was just a little too far out of the way on our visit last Fall. Looks like you and Grace had a great time. I love the red in the Floral Gatherings line!
Glad you made it home in time. My daughter is supposed to be traveling from New York to Connecticut today, and I am worried for her!

cityquilter grace said...

so did felix like the pie? a grand day it was too....

Feathers in my Nest said...

Oh how I would have loved to join you 2 Lovely Ladies....Looked divine....Happy Birthday Felix! xxxooo......You know Vic, I would Love to see your Cheddar Bow Ties quilt sometime...stay warm..kisses all around..

julieQ said...

Looks brrr cold!!! The quilt shop looks wonderful glad you had a good time!

Sue said...

Oh I love to visit Busy Thimble when I'm in Maine. It's like an Aladdin's cave.
So nice you had a beautiful sunny day for your trip.

Sue said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
J Barham said...

I just loved the picture of your 2 black labs running in the snow. I have a black lab and she would have done the same thing. She would be very happy, too. Nothing quite like snow, not even rolling around in our dirt driveway.

I'm glad that you and Grace are spending some time together.

Joyce B. in the beautiful Ozark Mountains of AR.

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