Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Late Winter Ramble

Today was The Farmer's Wife sewing circle down at The Evergreen Country Primitives Quilt Shop in Milton, New Hampshire, and I was happy to go! There on the right is our hostess, Camille, who had brought us sugar glazed oatmeal raisin cookies from the local Market Basket's bakery. Aahhh, soft and chewy, my favorite! Here is the link. to Evergreen.

Diane, on the left, kept us laughing with various tales of her pets, as we all chatted. I missed getting a photograph of Shirley and Judy, but here is a picture of Judy's block in progress. Mind you, these Farmer's Wife blocks finish at 6 inches, so the pieces are weensy!!! She is doing such a good job!

I was able to get one block that had been started, finished, and got a good start on the next one. Here I am holding up the one that is done.
A big "thank you" goes out to Shirley for teaching me to use a large square scrap of batting to layout the many pieces of my block. Then you are able to roll the whole thing up for travel when you want to stop. The batting holds everything in place for you!

My poor old car is very ill with a sick electrical system and I needed to borrow Felix's wheels. He stayed home to work on diagnosing the problem. After a very cold day of tinkering with it, he more specifically identified the culprit as an ignition module failure. Whew! I'm glad I wasn't far away from home when it failed. He hopes to repair it soon.

Our weather has spawned a new front of the Polar Vortex with very cold temperatures. Felix needed to borrow the big extension cord from the heated cat bed so he could plug in the battery charger overnight for my car. I was so glad when he found another cord and plugged the warming pad back in for the kitties. After he got that done, here is what it looked like:

Thank you to Ila!

My trusty clothesline is totally inaccessible to me due to deep snow, so I never did get what I consider properly lit photographs of my Churn Dash quilt finish. So you may have seen it before, but here it is again, but in daylight, LOL!

This giant is 84"x100" and although it went through an ugly duckling stage for me, now it has become a beautiful swan and I love it!

I quilted this at Ellen Peters' Cat's Whiskers Quilting Studio in Laconia, New Hampshire, and I'm proud to be able to say that I did it myself. It is loop de loops with ivy leaves that run the long way. If you click on the photo it will enlarge it for you to see the quilting better.

I'd like to say a big THANK YOU to Charlene Higgins of The Golden Gese Quilt Shop of Concord, New Hampshire for helping me to draft this pattern from her November 2012 workshop! You did great, Charlene!
I used the Pellon Nature's Touch 100% cotton batting that I got a full 25 yards by 90 inches wide roll of last fall from Joann's. It was a very good deal and I'm glad to have it in stock. In my very unscientific opinion, it is just a tad thinner, lighter, and "drapier," than Warm & Natural, which had been my "go-to" batting. So far, I have used about 10 or 12 yards of it this winter.

The Canadians won the gold in Men's curling! Congratulations to our neighbors to the north for taking the gold in both the men's and the women's curling!

Four more years until we get to see curling again! Oh well, that's what makes it special, I guess.

In between other tasks, I've kept making more of the "Dots & Dashes" swap blocks.

They must be a polka dot fabric with a striped fabric with good contrast in a 6" Shoo Fly block.

I have three of my four sets of six blocks done, but I hit a snag on the fourth set. My contrast was poor, so I have recut out more of a different stripe to be better. These are the ones that came out fine!

Three positive and three negative blocks used a wee bit less than the two paired fat quarters, so I'll have enough left over to make a couple to keep for myself. I wonder what I'll do with the 24 six inch finished blocks? I'll wait to see what comes in on the swap before I decide on a setting, LOL!

Hope your car and your furnace are working well! My furnace is just fine now that we finally were able to get a fuel oil delivery with all these storms. We were almost out so when they filled it we had to pay for a full tank instead of a partial tank. $702.00, YIKES!!!! Right now, oil is higher priced than the gasoline for our cars. But I'm glad to be warm.

Stay calm and quilt on!


cityquilter grace said...

first, sorry to hear about your wheels...hope they get better soon. and i LOVE LOVE LOVE that churn dash quilt....it is sooo lovely. and oil prices, ay yi yi! but at least you are warm, esp with more snow headed our way....drat! just home from work, off to bed...dentist again tomorrow

Janet O. said...

I'm with Grace on the churn dash quilt. It's a beauty!!
Looks like a fun time doing the Farmer's Wife thing.
The kitties look so comfy--I'm glad Felix found a cord for their warmer.
Nice looking shoo-fly blocks--24 of them should give you plenty of options!
No fun when your car is dysfunctional!

helen said...

You can be proud of your Churn Dash Quilt! It is be-au-ti-ful!!!
Best wishes!

Needled Mom said...

I love seeing those Dear Jane blocks. The Churn Dash is a real beauty.

I like the idea of the batting for transporting the quilt pieces.

Tammy Hutchinson said...

I love the Churn Dash block and your quilt is a beauty. i'm just starting to learn how much fun it is to try darker, then lighter sashings for different effects. I love the dark sashing on this one!

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