Saturday, March 1, 2014

In Like A Lion

To all of you, that means good luck throughout the whole new month, now that March has come roaring in. As my crude earthy father used to say, "It's colder than a witch's woosie!"
That means I really would rather have Felix inside the house than out working on the driveway on my car. He agreed but offered to let me use his wheels to get to The Sunshine Club at the Alton Senior Center. It was very cold, but it was blessedly clear and sunny! Wheeee!

Sue, on the left, and Kayla (pronounced, k EYE la), on the right were great company as I did a couple of seams on The Farmer's Wife block. We ate chocolate and Roney had brought some mini sugar donuts to go with the coffee, juice, and Cheerios. Food, friends, fabrics; what could be better?

Kayla, who was on February vacation from school, was also stitching on a project by hand. She already had the pieces joined and was stitching up the side seams to make a small pocketbook or purse.

At nine years of age, Kayla truly impresses me with her adult attention span and her inner vision of her work. You can see the heart-shaped button on the table that she had cleverly brought with her and she knew just what she was going to do with that for a decoration! But I think this may have been her very first encounter with the concept of sewing "right sides together."

Didn't she do a great job? When we were done, I sent her home with some more scraps. I'm so proud of her!
But I'm equally proud of Sue and her progress sewing purple tumblers together for her niece's quilt! She only needs ten more rows!

The lighter color lavender has a butterfly motif printed on it. Sue was hiding and I made her show her face for the camera, well, I got her beautiful eyes, at least.

Then, back at the farm, I did get my blockswapper's blocks all packed up and sent off to northern Illinois for the swap of "Dots & Dashes." I have no idea what will come back, but mine were all various shades of reds. Red is my neutral, LOL!

One very special fat quarter that I've been hoarding is a lovely colonial blue that was a souvenir from my trip to the New England Quilt Museum with my friend, Grace. I cut into it! This is the sawtooth star that I made with it. I love it!!!

Some of the other Civil War and 1850's prints were gleaned from a wonderful scrap bag sent to me in trade by my friend Joyce in Connecticut, especially the large Jacobean floral. It is so much fun to play in my favorite scraps and just goof around aimlessly. Now, do you ever do that, too?

Stay warm and quilt on!


Janet O. said...

I am always impressed by your positive attitude toward everything, Vic.
That Kayla appears to be a natural with needle and thread.
Love that purple quilt.
And your creations are always great.
I have to admit that I don't usually play in my fabrics without a plan in mind. I should try it sometime. : )

cityquilter grace said...

your block is lovely! such delish fabrics...another frigid week in our neck of the woods it seems...

Little House on the Hill said...

Your block is beautiful. I like the fabrics you are using. Is it nice to see another generation learning new skills.
Cheers Pauline

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