Friday, March 14, 2014

Block Drive

The outdoor temperature is way too cold when it's so low that you can hold up the fingers of your hands like a toddler showing how old he is, saying, "I'm this many!" Yesterday left us with four or five inches of fresh snow, driven by brutal winds. The skies are bright and blue and the bare tree branches outside my windows are waving at me.
Bonnie Hunter's blog alerted me to Kevin the Quilter and his Quilt of Valor block drive. He has a marvelous tutorial for the simplest block on earth.

It's just sewing two seams! I made a bunch to send him.

But the best part is Kevin's motivation to get us to all send him blocks. He is offering a $100 gift certificate from Missouri Star Quilt Company that he paid for out of his own pocket! What a guy!

So I hope you will head over to his blog to get the specific directions and make some blocks to send in, thanks! Our soldiers are worth it and it's lots of fun, too.

As for my own progress on Bonnie Hunter's Mystery Celtic Solstice, I'm still doing those chevron units. Now I am up to 80 done out of 100, yippee!!!

But I confess, I started something new, too. I've been itching to start MSQC's Jenny Doan's disappearing pinwheels quilt from the Youtube video. It uses a lot of bias edges for the blocks, but I had no trouble making one. Here is the uncut pinwheel before I sliced it into thirds in both vertical and horizontal directions and re-sewed the parts.

It is deceptively easy, but time consuming to stitch and press GENTLY to not distort the block.

I love how it looks with the rosy terra cotta paisley by VIP Cranston and a Windham neutral floral called Abby. Now can I make more the same size, LOL?
Of course in between projects, I did knock out a lone Sawtooth Star, too.

I must confess also to some lonely moments at night when I clicked onto a Hancock's of Paducah ad and fell in love with these, LOL!

Yes, I still love REDS! LOL! What color do you love so much that it fills your life choices?

Off to The Sunshine Club!
Stay calm and quilt on!


Sherrill said...

I read the call for blocks a couple of weeks ago on Alycia's blog but now that Bonnie posted about it, think I'll keep my blocks and make my own QOV's. He's gonna be BURIED and I don't wanna add to that even with the lure of a $100 GC!! HA

Janet O. said...

Good for you making up those QOV blocks.
And congrats on getting so close to your goal of those chevrons. One hundred of anything is enough to make me turn tail and run, if I think about it too hard. Maybe that is why I love minis.
I've seen those pinwheel blocks on a few blogs--intriguing. It is almost a churn dash block with a pinwheel in the center.
Late night web surfing is a dangerous pastime, isn't it? Beautiful reds! : )

cityquilter grace said...

nice blocks...pretty fabric....

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