Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Davy Crockett Log Cabin Finds A Home

Sunday we were horrified to learn that a village neighbor had suffered a barn fire that took the lives of several goats and then destroyed the people's home, too. This is were the barn once stood.

Thank God that the people were alright and none of the many firefighters from the many towns that responded were hurt either. The almost sub zero temperatures didn't help!

Although I do not know the family, this morning I drove over to our Police Department with a queen sized quilt for them to distribute to the family that lost everything but the shirts on their backs.

You may recall having seen this large scale log cabin in creams and browns from when I pictured it here back in early October.

I am so terrified of being burned out! I made this quilt to sell at the boutique last year but no one wanted to buy it.

It isn't fancy piecing, but I'm proud of the workmanship and wish the very best of vibes on it as it goes to the family. I named it Davy Crockett Log Cabin and it is 84" X 84".

Later in the day, I enjoyed a cranberry muffin over at The Evergreen Country Primitives Quilt Shop with The Farmer's Wife quilt group.

My basket block is upside down, but it only needs one more seam before I do the dreaded applique for the handle. There! So I said the "A"-word right out loud, LOL!

Camille was working on a much more complicated block and I admired her fabrics.

Click on any picture for a zoomed view.

Miss Emma Lynn is losing her terror of being caught on a bed, as it must've been forbidden in her previous home.

Here she lounges a bit nervously on my "Cotton Candy", which is from "String Fling" by Bonnie K. Hunter (Roll Roll Cotton Boll). Bonnie's newest book, can be pre-ordered here. It's worth every penny!

Stay calm and quilt on!


Feathers in my Nest said...

Oh how sad for that Family...how generous & kind of you to gift them a quilt in this time of need...kisses to Miss Emma & Raven & the kitties..

Janet O. said...

You are such a good-hearted woman, Vic! They will certainly be warmed in more than one way by your thoughtful gift!
Oh, you are brave, too (applique)!! : )

audrey said...

What a lovely and generous gift to give to your neighbors. I am terrified of house fires too--sometimes I wonder what I would drag out of my house if it happened to us. Love to see basket blocks in progress too. They make wonderful quilts, especially if they have applique.:) lol

Needled Mom said...

That is such a wonderful gift for the family. They will love it.

cityquilter grace said...

come on over to the dark side...i mean the A side....it won't hurt i promise....LOL...and bless you, no doubt the recipients will love it...

Nann said...

It was too bad that your quilt didn't sell at the boutique but how wonderful that it will find a good home! I am so sorry for your neighbors' loss. I, too, would be terrified at the prospect of a fire.

Helen in the UK said...

So glad your quilt has gone to a new home, I'm sure the family will appreciate the thought :)

Nann said...

Vic, did you see Bonnie's post this morning? She included this poem, a quilter's version of the Serenity Prayer. I thought right away about your Log Cabin gift.

God, Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
The stash to make a quilt to help me cope,
A quilt to give to comfort those I love in times of hurt, fear and uncertainty.
And the courage to keep on sewing when life itself seems held together by a single thread of hope.

Bonnie K. Hunter, 2014

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