Thursday, March 20, 2014

Mission Of Mercy

My 81 year old girlfriend and neighbor, Ilse, was fighting the panic in her voice when she called me today at dusk. She had gone out after getting plowed out from last night's 7" of heavy wet snow and was intending to pick up her 87 year old husband's medication from the local drugstore.

But alas, her car broke down on the way home. She had stopped at the Barnstead Country Store. It is a good thing that she did! When we got there, Felix was able to identify the floppy broken belt that had left her stranded. We drove her home after leaving word inside that a tow truck would come out either tonight or tomorrow. I have no pictures, and supper will be late, but I was very glad to do a good deed for the lady who always brings me her homemade stollens.

The shoveling was very hard this morning! Heavy wet slush, Ugh! I much prefer the colder temperatures that make for a very light fluffy snow. But the first Day Of Spring was Mother Nature's cruel joke.

Last night, when the snow began at dusk, it was falling in silver dollar sized flakes that were all clumped together. It was wild! Look at the polka dot effect upon the driveway. I had never seen this quite like this before.

This morning the snow was thick and so heavy that it was hard to clear it off the vehicles. Too boot, the earth underneath was soft and muddy. It was hard to stand up straight, LOL!

What a slippery mess! But Raven loved fresh snow to roll in for her snow bath.

My mailbox was too small to hold the two packages of fabrics, so I needed to run down to the local Post Office to fetch the precious cargo. These are the Fat Quarters from the Thousands Of Bolts sale.

Aren't they pretty? Tomorrow I'll show you all the pretties from the Sew Far Sew Good Quilt Shop, too! Here is her link, if you just can't wait, LOL!

Happy quilting!


Janet O. said...

I'm glad your neighbor had such good friends to call upon for help!
My goodness, your winter is the gift that keeps on giving! : )
Looks like you had too much fun with your online shopping, girl!!

Feathers in my Nest said...

Poor Ilse...thank God you & Felix were there for her...Beautiful fabrics...I have 4 of the ones on the right & 1 of the ones on the yardage...I always get in trouble when I visit Thousands of Bolts..

cityquilter grace said...

alas i caved a bit with thousands of bolts too...will show them off when they arrive...

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