Friday, May 29, 2015

A Special Young Scout; A Special Old Scout

Sometimes doing good helps you out. Recently, I read about Diana Jasany, the remarkable 16 year old adoptee who is earning her Girl Scout Gold Award by making 16 quilts for foster care teens who have "aged out" of their support programs.

You can read more about her at Quiltville's Quips and Snips, which is Bonnie K. Hunter's blog.

As a former Girl Scout leader for ten years, and then having been a Girl Scout Registrar for 5 years before the internet, I was thrilled at the chance to help Diana win her Gold!

A Former Bag Lady For The GS, 2011

I packed up about 10 or 20 pounds of vintage floral fabrics, mostly in the purple ranges, into a Medium Flat Rate Box that is available for free at the Post Office. No pictures, but I sent it off to Diana for the princely sum of $12.65. It helped me out with giving me more shelf space for my stash!

Although I don't do Facebook because of all the creepy people there and the uber-aggressive marketing cookies that Facebook uses, Diana does use it. If you do, too, here is her URL to her page.

Perhaps you will contact Diana to get her mailing address and send in some blocks, strips, backings, or fabrics. You'll feel so very good! I do.

A Chocolate Pusher for the Seniors

Thank you for your support of this project!

Happy sewing!


cityquilter grace said...

a fantastic way to share the you will have room for jo morton's "catherine" coming in june!

Janet O. said...

Look how far you've fallen, Vic. From a Girl Scout leader, to a chocolate pusher--to Seniors, no less!! I'm outraged!!! (Sorry, couldn't resist--hope people can tell I'm kidding.)
That is a very good thing you have done, for a worthy cause.
I'll be in NH by Tuesday. I'll keep in touch if it looks like we will be getting to the Mothership sale, or one of your other favorite places. : )

Auzzie said...

Vic, you do great work. I enjoy quilting with you.

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