Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Hard Candy Christmas

Link to Sarah's blog.Today was the last Tuesday of the month, so I got to enjoy both the regular weekly Continental Breakfast at the Alton Senior Center with The Sunshine Club, as well as The Farmer's Wife down in Milton, New Hampshire.
Sue was busy quilting the straight lines on her Leprechaun Quilt.

It takes a lot out of her back and shoulder muscles, so she prefers to only do three rows at a time.

That's a lotta rows!!!

When she was done with that, she sewed Dresdens together, nice work!!

I worked on my big Log Cabin with the Piano Key border to hand hem the binding. At the Farmer's Wife group, I actually finished it!!! Yeay!!! But I forgot to bring the camera in from the car, so this picture is still at the Senior Center.

I love this quilt!!!

When I put the marvelous Faye Burgos "Love & Glory" bias-printed red stripe onto it for the binding, it looked like a candy cane!

It makes me remember how poor we were when I was a kid and how much I loved those candy canes that we got every year. I used a wide red flannel backing with a subtle black printed texture.

I quilted it with free hand Baptist Fans which was taught to me by Making Scrap Quilts From Stash blog.
I love all those beautiful Civil War reproduction fabrics!

It is 86" by 86" square so it's large enough for a queen sized bed.

There are 49 blocks set 7 by 7 with a pieced piano key border that is 5" wide.

It is named "Hard Candy Christmas," to honor my parents struggle to make our Christmases bright.

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Happy quilting!


gayle said...

I love log cabin quilts, and that one is gorgeous! The candystripe bias is the perfect finishing touch.

Needled Mom said...

What a stunning log cabin quilt that is!

Janet O. said...

A beautiful creation, Vic! Love the binding and the memories and name it evoked.

Cathy said...

Oh, that is beautiful!!!! Beautiful, I say! Congrats on that finish. I love flannel backs too.

Did you get an orange or apple in your stocking? We were poor too. We got new pjs made by grandma, new clothes including underwear to wear to midnight mass on Christmas eve and a toy, or in my case, a paint by number or other crafty thing since I didn't like dolls. Anyway...love the quilt and the name.

Nann said...

It turned out so well, Vic -- the striped binding provides the perfect touch.

Lynda Halliger Otvos (Lynda M O) said...

LOVE the log cabin !~! I have one on my living room wall which looks a lot like yours !~! The border adds so much to it; it's superb looking and the backing just makes it. Thanks for sharing at NTT, that's where I saw your log cabin and popped right over.

Scrappy quilter said...

What a pretty quilt.

R & E said...

Yeppers, you make great log cabin quilts! 8-))) I love this one as well. Thanks for the comment on Quiltville list - I used to make LCss that way as well, but now, if possible I will cut logs the correct size, on the length. But if I'm just using up strips for something casual, I sew a strip on and cut it off. Works pretty well, not perfect. 8-)))

this is my 2nd comment, my other was returned, when I wrote it from my "Reader" ... as usual.

Happy July 5th!

Janet said...

What a beautiful log cabin quilt. I love how you got the sunshine and shadows so wonderfully even using scraps! And the Christmas candy story fits it perfectly.

Quilting Babcia said...

Great scrappy quilt! I love scrappy log cabins, look forward to making another one day.

Carla A Few Of My Favorite Things said...

Love log cabins! The piano key border sets the blocks off nicely. Good luck!

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