Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Cool Sewing

Today I am a Blockmaker for Barbara Brackman's Civil War Quilts blog. I just did two for the #19 Serpentine Stripes.

When I bought the center's Penny Rose stripe, I was buying it for the Ombre, but it seems to overlap the definition for a serpentine stripe as well. This is by designer Erin Turner and it comes in a blue or a yellow colorway, too.

If you haven't yet started the Civil War sew along, you are missing out on the fun!

I had one leftover pink and blue and brown serpentine stripe and made that up as well.

It just seemed that there were some leftover parts that made up this paisley block, too.

The Spring weather is marvelous and Felix, my Husband Wonderful, enlisted Matthew's aid to plant three replacement fruit trees due to some winterkills of our Asian Pears.

They planted three winter hardy to zone 4 Apricot Dwarf trees. My Grampa, Park Parkhill, used to say," To plant a two dollar tree, dig a ten dollar hole!"

Thank you, Matthew, our Star Border, for your heavy duty digging!!! But why on earth are you holding up the number of fingers of your IQ? You little freshie!

Miss Emma Lynne was not amused by the gesture and decided to go sniff out some deer sign.

On Tuesday, Carol and Sue were chatting at The Sunshine Club at the Alton, New Hampshire Senior Center where we meet for some fun.

Sue worked hard on several more rows of quilting before she took a break with some piecing on her Dresdens.

They sure are coming out nicely!

I'm still slow stitching my hand hemming of the binding on my Log Cabin.

The chocolate decanter is open in the foreground above, and we all chomped a few of our favorite Hersey's Milk Chocolate Classic Nuggets, wheee!

 Lastly, I do wish that you could smell my lilacs in the living room. They are a heady fragrance that I love!

Happy sewing!


cityquilter grace said...

nice serpentine stripes! as always blocks are gorgeous....we have lilacs too, wonderful scent!

gayle said...

Your time warp stars are always gorgeous!
And our lilacs are blooming, too. Sometimes I just stand out in the yard and breathe deep...

helen said...

Beautiful blocks again!
Mmmmmh, lilacs - most wonderful scent ever!!!
(With lilies of the valley!)
Best wishes!

Nann said...

Lilacs are in full bloom in yards all over. They also appear along roadways, set back from the road. When that happens it's because there used to be a house there.

We had the vegetable garden tilled yesterday. Hope to do better this year than last.

Lori said...

He's a cheeky devil! 😉

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