Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Moving On

Tuesday at The Alton, New Hampshire, Senior Center was a lovely waffle breakfast and then our happy meeting of The Sunshine Quilting Club.
Sue, pictured below, has all the pieces cut out for her scrappy Dresden Plates and was chain sewing them together.

It was doubly fun to see Marjorie working on her pretty pink yo-yos, because she must travel a bit to get to us and doesn't drive in all that winter snow. Now that Spring is here, we welcomed her back!

We chatted and chomped a few Hersey's Milk Chocolate nuggets. I was working on the hand hemming of my 86" square Scrappy Log Cabin. The fabric is a Faye Burgos "Love & Glory" bias-printed red and tan stripe by Marcus Brothers. I love bias stripes for bindings, don't you?

Since I am a far better quilter than I am a good housekeeper, that giant heavy duty plastic bag keeps the quilt clean as I tote it around to work on it.

My surprise at the selection for the Civil War Quilts blog by Barbara Brackman was followed by a search of my stash for "Conversational Prints." Here are the meager results of my pawing through the piles. If you haven't yet discovered the sew along with a weekly discussion, here is the link.

I love the Wednesday discussion about Civil War fabrics and the late 1800's styles.

The indigo by Pam Buda pictured above was good with that Centennial commemorative.

My collection becomes a treasure hunt and it's great fun to discover examples of Brackman's teachings.

The star points in the block below look like little Saturns or possibly seed pods.

There was a second Paisley block, below, that I also completed and pressed. But that red foulard in the center was from my scraps and it looks way too modern to be Civil War.

Then I tried the Centennial with the House of Cards by Whistler Studios.

The red foulard star points are a Sara Morgan for Blue Hills. I got it sewn and pressed, too!

In between all those sawtooth stars, I used little Twinkler bits as my Leaders & Enders and was thrilled to get two light blocks done and pressed.

Outdoors it was sunny and warm. This wasp begged to be photographed on the rhododendron.

Soon he/she got bored and moved on to enjoy the day. Hope you are having fun, too!

Happy sewing!


gayle said...

Oh, I love the binding on your quilt! What a great pick!
I'm having the best time watching the Civil War Stars project unfold. I don't have many CW fabrics myself, so I really enjoy seeing what other people are doing. Such beauties!

Wendy Caton Reed said...

Love your stars and I LOVE your red bias stripe binding. I am with you, I surely wish they would make more bias stripes for those of us who make straight bindings but love the look of bias!

Janet O. said...

I love striped binding, too. Sometimes I buy striped fabric on sale just anticipating that it will be a great binding on some quilt, someday.
I don't have much in the way of conversation prints, either. You have created some lovely stars with what you found. : )

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