Sunday, November 13, 2011

Blue Ridge Blues

Yippee! My Blue Ridge Beauty units are finally all done! I know, I know, I dragged my feet on those HST's all summer, LOL!
Here's what a quilt looks like in a couple of shoeboxes (I also love to use the empty ramen noodle boxes, too).
So I was excited about finally putting some of these together as BLOCKS! Hooray, right? But I found out that they are so tricky to join together correctly.
If you look at the upper row, middle block, you will see that the lower HST is joined upside down. Sigh. Ripped it out and redid it, but I felt like a jerk. So I made a copy of the diagram from Bonnie's book and tacked it into the plywood wall behind my machine so that I can check each one.

I learned to be very careful of the placement of the little four-patches, too! The blue patches must all run in the same direction or the secondary pattern will not flow. So much for having a mindless leader/ender project! I need to be fresh & sharp when assembling these! Those points need careful matching up, too.
This one wasn't very well done, but I'm gonna use it anyway. I got about half a dozen done correctly and then set them aside but right beside my machine where I will SEE them. Stuff that I see, I work on. Stuff packed away gets forgotten.
Then I decided to NOT procrastinate on the 400 HST's that I need for Patches & Pinwheels

( and got going on them. If I can make myself start something like this, it gets me headed in the right direction. It breaks the inertia. Once I'm started, then I can begin playing the wonderful game of how many per day to make my goal! Yesterday I did 50. Maybe today I can do 100?
!!!!!!! Afternoon update!!!!!!!!
YES! I did another batch of 50 after this morning's 50, so that is 100 for today and 150 in total. I actually need 388, but I've just been telling myself 400.


Laurie said...

Oh Vic, you're priceless! I have a feeling I'm going to have the same issues with Jamestown Landing.

As for your block not quite matching up, don't worry. After it's quilted and washed, no one will notice it. I bet you'll even have a hard time picking it out.

Good job on your patches and pinwheels. I did another 50 cheddar bow ties on Friday. Your package of 20 will be going in the mail tomorrow. Gotta love squishy surprises!

Michele, a distracted quilter said...

Is everyone working on HSTs?! This is too funny. Great work on getting them done, Vic. The quilt is going to be wonderful.

Kathleen said...

Oh, I feel your pain! Can't tell you how many of those Blue Ridge pieces I put together wrong. I'm still working on piecing the 4 patch to the hst.

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