Friday, November 4, 2011

Freak Storm

Last Saturday we had a freak snow storm that dropped about 20 inches of thick wet snow on us. We were very lucky to not lose our power because the Channel 9 news reported that thousands were out for five days!

Matthew, with his grey hoodie-topped jeans jacket, shoveled out a quick path for Felix to get at the plow truck so they could get us all plowed out.
Today, it is practically all gone. We have the strangest sights of golden leaves on the trees with snow on the ground.
I poked along on two cheddar-toned Criss Cross Blocks for my Civil War swap group and it took me all week to get the two sets (of six blocks each) done. I raced to get them into the Post Office and sent out. Now I can relax, at least for this month on swaps.
I definitely want to do the newest Bonnie K. Hunter mystery that is just beginning, too.


JCnNC said...

Oh, I want to do Bonnie's new mystery also, just not sure if I can get it together in time. So far behind after laying on the couch for three weeks.

I love the snow - don't you just hate it when people who say that because we do not have any? so naturally we love it. Glad it is all gone for you. Judy C

Michele, a distracted quilter said... Doesn't it put you in the mood for Christmas? We got one inch of the white stuff this morning - our first snow fall of the season and it got me humming carols all day. I'm very tempted to dive into the Orca Bay project too - am still trying to get a few finished so I can fit it in.

Stacey said...

Love your snow!!! I am getting ready to dive into Orca Bay too. Happy Quilting.

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