Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Yippee! Snow Day!

Big silver dollar-sized flakes and about 6 inches of wet sticky snow fell last night and this morning. It turned everything into the marshmallow world famed in song. I love it! Perfect weather for quilting.
This is looking down the driveway at a very slippery Route 140, and the next picture is of the DWARF (sigh, it just kept growing) Alberta Spruce that is our Christmas tree.
And here's the back deck, care for a picnic lunch? LOL!
I also wanted to tell you about what I learned using the Companion Ruler while working on Bonnie's Orca Bay. When I bought the ruler, either there were no instructions, or, more likely, I threw them away. As I looked at Bonnie's blog pictures, I thought that I was supposed to slide the ruler over horizontally to make the next cuts, one up the right, then down the left (which is very awkward). Now I think that this is wrong and that you are supposed to flip the whole ruler upside down to make the next cut.

In the last photo, it shows where I slid the ruler over to the right on top of the stack of starched strips, but went far enough to allow for the blunt tip on the bottom space for seam allowances. So I would cut upwards on the right side and downwards on the left side. I don't think that this was correct.


Debra Robinson said...

Yes Vic, That's how I used it as well. I'm not sure how else it would work? My cuts came out great, only had to sliver cut the block after sewing. Oh well, anxious for step #2! Oh, The snow looks lovely, nothing but rain here in western Ma.........Debra.

Elaine Adair said...

Your snow is lovely!! it was 70 egrees in western Nebraska today - highly unusual!

Your post/photos raised some interesting possibilities on the Companion Angle. I ca see where a person could get messed up if they neglected to think about the blunt end. Now that you mention it, I wonder if I paid attention to that??? Good post! I need to go back and check - have only don 40 units so far.

Janet O. said...

Love the snowy scenes. That is what we looked like last week. We didn't get any new snow this week, but we still had a white Thanksgiving.

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