Friday, November 18, 2011

Orca Bay Excitement!

Oh my! Today was the very first clue, and it was a DOOZY!!! 224 Quarter-Square Triangles. Husband Wonderful, Felix, made me a special breakfast to call me up from the Quilt Cave to eat. It was my favorite, sauted shaved steak and eggs with English muffins!
I had planned to use red, purple, & green for Orca Bay, but when I saw the first clue used blacks with neutrals for the QST's, I became concerned that perhaps none of my colors would be a dark enough note for the design.
So I decided to go ahead and use some blacks for this step.

I sliced and diced and sewed and pressed! I got about 20 QST's done, but it sure was slow to feed them through the machine. They kept slipping out of alignment. Then it was time to go get Matthew from college to come home for the weekend and his job at the recycling center here in town. After his classes, he just wanted to loaf a little with Raven.
I admit to feeling a little annoyed that I had to leave the patchwork fun to go fetch Matthew, but it turned out to be a very good thing!
While I was gone, Subee posted in our group a couple of neat tips; stack and STARCH! OMG! I was stacking my strips to cut four layers at a time, but I had not been using my homemade bestpress! I tried it in the afternoon and I was really impressed with how the starch made cutting crisper and feeding through the machine much easier. Thank you, Subee!
By the time my after-supper session was done, I had 70 QST's made. That's about a third, I guess.

Trimming all those dogears on the corners of the ends of the seams sure does make a big linty mess on the ironing board. But I had recently bought some Scotch lint removers at Joann's and I tried running that over the whole mess. It picked it up wonderfully and it only used one sheet from the roll, so I was very happy.


Dawnmarie said...

Is it wrong that I'm waiting to pick my fabric until after a few more steps? LOL. You made great progress. Guess I'll get off my duff and look at my fabric again. ;-)

Sue Daurio said...

What a nice husband to make you that yummy breakfast! I started cutting some of mine then had to go to work dang it!! But now, seeing all yours done, has given me the inspiration to get into my own quilt cave and get going!!! Yahoo, the mystery has started!!!!

Laurie said...

They look like pretty little butterflies. :)

Good job Vic... nice start!

Mavis said...

Looking good. I haven't started cutting yet. Too much housework to do today but we'll see if I can sneak in some time.

also, I noted your note about homemade best press. I love Best Press but would love the recipe if you don't mind sharing.


Anonymous said...

Hello Vic, What a thoughtful husband you have! Your progress looks great. I do so enjoy your blogs. I have finished the sewing part of part 1, now to square these little devils down to 2 1/2"! UUGGHH! Will probably be done tomorrow, as the lighting in my sewing/quilting room is not so great to do it @ night!...Have fun & good luck on your mystery.......Debra in Ma. (Quiltfan510)

Kathleen said...

How sweet of your hubby to make breakfast. I changed my purple color to dark blue. My thought was the same. I felt I needed something to make it pop.

Candace said...

I love your colors and your blocks look great.

SubeeSews said...

Subee here...thanks so much for the credit on using starch.
I love the stuff.

Ellen said...

It does feel better to actually feel like we are making progress! They do look great!

Helen in the UK said...

You've made a great start. I'm sure impressed with your DH making you a special breakfast to set you up for your sewing :)

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