Sunday, November 13, 2011

In Memoriam

Memories of Luau

The sound of toenails down the hallway
The look of dog hair on my chest
How I miss my little “Luau”
Since now she’s laid to rest.

Dogs don’t live forever
Even when we wish they could
Eleven years of friendship
Were the best of all that’s good.

Lots of futon cuddles
In a patchwork quilted nap
Or limpid eyes a-begging
To jump into your lap.

My biscuit-colored dog
Whenever wet, began to shake.
She loved snacks of daily bologna
And swimming in the lake.

An enthusiastic “talker,”
Luau would intone
With yips and squeals and whimpers
She could sigh or growl or moan.
Top-speed chasing squirrels
Basking in the sun,
All the memories of my Luau
Are full of life and fun.


JCnNC said...

This is so wonderful, Vic - thank you for sharing this with us. I know Luan was so special to you and will be missed forever. I still miss my special boy painfully. Judy C

merrily row said...

Well you promised her good weeks and swims and bologna. I know she loved you guys so much and it was returned so heartfully. I did not know you had a poem for her also. Very nice.

I hope for you the best memories and healing as she crosses the rainbow bridge. Who knew in August it would come so quickly?

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