Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Trucking Along

Today, after my Zumba dancing class, I did some more piecing on my Patches & Pinwheels scrap quilt. This one I began on November 5th at the Saturday workshop at the Golden Gese quilt shop in Concord. I'm staying very busy with it until Bonnie comes out with the first clue for Orca Bay, her newest mystery quilt.
Last night I had completed all the 388 HST's to do the pinwheels:

I put them all into this nice pie basket that I had gotten this summer over in the Shaker village. It is wonderful because it holds all 388 with lots of room to see which one I want to pick up next, or even to rummage around a little bit looking for a particular color. Isn't it funny what we do to try to achieve the very best scrappy "RANDOM" look????? LOL! I cheat on the random look all the time!

So today I was putting four half square triangles together to make the pinwheel block. The instructions call for 48 spinning to the right and 49 spinning to the left so that they can go into alternating rows. I got all 49 done today of one kind, the lefties, I guess.

Each one of these has been pressed with my own homemade bestpress. Mine is loaded with carnation flowers essential oil fragrance. I love it! I press away in a big cloud of the scent. I swear it gets me high. I'm not allowed to use it for any of my swaps due to deference to the anti-perfume killjoy crowds. So whenever it is just for me that I'm pressing, I get out the good stuff.
 If you look at this very last picture carefully, you will see that one block has been pinned up on the plywood for reference. That one is spinning in the opposite direction from the 49 that I just completed. So now I need the 48 of these. I may not be able to get them done before mystery time but I'll try!
My Blue Ridge Beauty is temporarily banished to the, "Yuck, this is too hard" department. We'll see if it ever gets done. It may become part of my estate! LOL!


JCnNC said...

I love your attitude !!! Have you ever thought about what would happen to your stuff? I have - and I shutter at the thought. Told my daughter she should come and rescue it before DWH gets in my room. He may not understand all my "needful things" - if he thought about it, he would realize how much he paid for it. LoL Judy C

Vic in NH said...

I don't shudder at the thought, hey, everybody's got to die sometime and my day will come. I have explicit instructions to my hubby to donate all my stash to my guild which is 130 gals. They have a very productive Sew & Sews group that meets twice a month to make Comfort Quilts that are donated to the battered women's shelter and the Salvation Army. They also give a baby quilt to every child born in the Laconia Hospital. So at least it won't end up in a dumpster! That would kill me! LOL!

Laurie said...

They look wonderful Vic! I use a lot of bestpress too. I haven't yet added any essential oils to it but that's a great idea. So no worries when you and I swap, mine are starched well too. And carnations are my favourite! :)

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