Friday, November 22, 2013

Busy Days

Wednesday at the Sew & Sews was lots of fun as I played with RJR "Lovely" charm packs by sewing on some "flippy corners." They are all the the purple floral family, so it was a brief break from my usual preference for Civil War selections.

I'm still loving that wonderful pool of light provided by my Ikea lamp courtesy of my dear friend Grace over in Maine!
Jean and Dwana and Judy were working piecing or hand hemming projects. We are so lucky that The Taylor Community allows us to use this room two Wednesdays a month for free, with free parking, too.
Dutchman's Puzzle!
Then on Thursday, there was an early Thanksgiving dinner served to us at the Alton Senior Center. It was good food and extra fun for me. I loved having Matthew and Felix join me there to meet the folks with whom I'm usually socializing on Fridays.

Matthew, Victoria, and Felix
There was even live entertainment after the meal!

Vivian and Ray performing.
 Vivian and Ray put on their gig of stories by Vivian, and songs from the fifties and sixties by Ray.
Ray had a wonderful voice! I enjoyed Vivian's stories, too.

Ray donned an Indian Warbonnet to sing, "Running Bear" by Bobby Darin. 
Then, today, I was right back at the Alton Senior Center for the quilting group that I lead there.

Kevin and Paul, and then later, after this picture was taken, Richard, joined us as we all chatted and ate Hersey's Milk Chocolate Nuggets and drank the free decaf coffee. 
Yes, once again, it was raining, LOL! But we made our own sunshine! At this meeting we decided to officially change our name from "The Sunshine Girls" to "The Sunshine Club." We wanted to be all inclusive in our name. After some discussion we all liked the word, "Club" better than "Gang." So, The Sunshine Club, it is!!! Guys are welcome!

When I got home after a few rousing good rounds of Bingo, I discovered that Mr. Matthew was using my little garden bench to a good purpose. 

He was installing the four brand new tires that he and Felix had just picked up at Sam's Club down in Concord! I'm glad he stayed up off the cold wet pavement. He had done a fine job restoring the luster on the chrome hubcaps that he had polished and painted, too!

Of course, Miss Raven knows how to avoid cold wet pavement, too, LOL!

Stay calm and quilt on!


Janet O. said...

You busy, busy lady. Looks like there is plenty of fun in the mix! : )

Beth in MN said...

What a fun week. Much better then the week I have spent getting my wireless connections up and running again. The song "Running Bear" is one of my old-time favorites. Yes, Raven sure knows how to live life!! LOL

Debra Robinson said...

Yes, you certainly do keep busy. On the go all the time! Not too much longer for the mystery!! I pressed all my fabrics yesterday. Gosh, I Love fabric..Kisses to Raven, Emma & the kitties please....

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