Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Seniors Rule!

Yesterday was the monthly Senior Luncheon at the Gilmanton Community Church. The menfolk were all busy traveling to auto parts stores or crawling around on the asphalt under vehicles, so I decided to to take myself!

And no, we DON'T  have staying snow yet, it's just that the above picture is from my older files.

The Corners Church

The one church congregation was combined many years ago from the two churches in two of the three villages of the Gilmantons.

The Iron Works Church

So the services alternate between the two traditional white New England church buildings with one fine pastor uniting them.
The Senior Luncheon is held at the Gilmanton Four Corners church, in it's ample basement.

I enjoyed my garden salad, shepard's pie (cooked hamburger mixed with kernel corn and topped with homemade mashed potatoes), and home made squares of fresh gingerbread cake with whipped cream and hot coffee. There is a donation basket at the door where you put in what you wish.

It was fun and we were all talking about the 30 to 40 degree shift in the temperatures outside. It went from 63 to 33 just overnight! If you don't like New England weather, just wait a minute; it will change, LOL!

On the quilty front, I decided to start one smallish new quilt while awaiting the start of Bonnie K. Hunter's Celtic Solstace mystery. When I had ordered some sale-priced 2 1/2" precut strips from The Mothership (a.k.a. Keepsake Quilting), they had nicely put in free instructions for Woven Ribbons.
The strips were Tavern Reds by Paula Barnes for Marcus, I believe, and the black & white (grays) printed pattern just screamed, "Give me colors!"

So I obliged and chose a bright solid cheddar! As you see, I chose to do strip-piecing construction rather than cut 120 individual neutral squares as the pattern instructions read.

Pressing towards the dark both sides.

I was able to get 16 cross-cuts of 2 1/2" joined tri-strip panel pieces per each panel.

The reds and the neutrals are scrappy with the cheddar as my constant. The blocks are easy. I like easy!

I think that choosing a very simple quilt pattern allows the fabrics to shine, don't you?

When my garage door blows open if it is windy, guess who decides that we really should have housecats rather than barncats?
LOL! Please note that the tip of Miss Emma Lynne's tail is wagging approval, LOL

Tyler leads the way and Tanner came right in, too!
Lastly, before I go, would you please say a brief prayer for Joe and Camille for his recovery from open heart surgery, thanks!

Stay calm and quilt on!


swooze said...

Is the pattern one that can be shared?

Janet O. said...

Looks like a fun, quick quilt. I love the cheddar added in. I have such a hard time doing a 2 color quilt. I always want to add more color! : )
It appears that the kitties have an advocate.
Prayers for Joe and Camille on their way!

Debra Robinson said...

You always look so lovely in your pics Vic. Your little project sounds wonderful, your fabrics are luscious. I have 10 more blocks to go & I ran out of my constant..sigh..Prayers & positive thought going out to Joe & Camille....

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