Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Riches in my Life

What a glorious busy week! I have so many blessings. My mailbox at the end of the driveway was more than once overflowing with swaps.
Yippee! I received a few of the blocks for the Red & White swap that I am hostessing through Block_swappers on Yahoo. And the squishies kept arriving!

The men's cotton shirt sleeves swap arrived with my twenty different and beautiful plaids and stripes. Since I harvested and sent in only the sleeves of my twenty shirts, I still have plenty of my original fabrics in the form of the fronts and backs of the deboned shirts from thrift shops.

What fabulous variety! And to top it off, many players did not want their cuffs, so when I spoke up and asked for them, I got a huge batch of cuffs and just a few collars.

I will spend some pleasant TV time harvesting the buttons and cutting these apart to salvage the two good strips of fabric from each cuff. I did a few of them already, see?

Then there was the washed red 2 1/2" strips swap that came in. God, I love all the reds! They are so cheery, warm, and energizing. I have no idea just how I will use them yet.

Each one of those snack sized baggies contains 10 all-different strips that are about 20" long, for a hundred all told.

Then there was a gal from Connecticut who was interested in a private swap of colors for the newest Bonnie K. Hunter mystery that starts on November 29th at Quiltville.
I had asked her for some yellows and oranges to trade for my bunch of greens and blues. Just look at what she sent!  Aren't they magnificent????

Wow, thank you, Shelley!

I'm also very glad that little Miss Emma is learning to NOT chase the kitties. Emma is still in the pink bandana and Raven is in the purple one.

But Emma still has moments when she is tempted to chase them. Here is one of my most precious photos of a kitty-kiss with Miss Tanner the kitten.

Stay calm and quilt on!


Debra Robinson said...

Beautiful goodies you received! There are many red & white quilt patterns out there. I'm sure you'll find something. I cleaned my sewing room really good today. Did a lot of purging too. I'll tackle the closet after Christmas...Smooches to the animals please....

cityquilter grace said...

nice squishies there will be getting one from me soon....remember the canoe restaurant? that'll explain MY package....LOL

Janet O. said...

Wow, your mailbox runneth over! Wonderful goodies, Vic. What fun!
Now Grace has me curious with her reference to Canoe. Can't wait to see what she sent. : )

Beth in MN said...

Wow Vic, What a nice bunch of squishes. Puts my one squishy to shame. It was a great idea to have a swap for Bonnie's newest mystery. Haven't picked my fabrics out yet.

Luv, Luv Emma and, of course, Raven is still my favorite. Give them hugs for me. Grand-doggy Zoe is coming to stay a few days with us while youngest daughter travels for her job. Hugs,

Mara said...

It is so fun looking at all of your squishy pictures :) Thank you for sharing them with us. What a cute kitty kiss.

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