Sunday, November 10, 2013


Have you ever noticed how ordinary houseflies turn into guerrilla warriors during Indian Summer days?
They don little ninja suits and hang out right beside your screen door just waiting for you to use that door so that they can cunningly slip into the house!
Then they land on you when you are trying to take a nice nap. Miss Raven is fighting back!

And Miss Emma-Lynn is helping out, too!

I have been busy quilting this past week, but it is all on a secret project that I choose to not blog about yet. What I can show is that I am all ready for the Red & White swap that I'm hostessing for Block_swappers. I now have a stack of 14 all done and pressed!

Those are twelve inch blocks all done with Moda Red Robin. I am very pleased that when I prewashed those reds in the bathroom sink that absolutely zero dye leached out in the water!

I have another stack of blocks that I haven't counted yet, so I'm not sure but I think that there are 48. I need to find my missing mojo to get them all sliver-trimmed to a consistant size. Right now they are a very uneven 11 and 1/2". I love the look of them!

I'm so bad at assembling quilts and love to just make blocks, LOL!

This week we had one evening with a really beautiful sunset that I just wanted to share with you, too.

God makes the very best color schemes!

Happy sewing.


cityquilter grace said...

a breathtaking sunset indeed vic!

Debra Robinson said...

Hi, I Love your Courthouse steps? or Log Cabin. Just beautiful. Yes, A gorgeous Sunset. They've been beautiful lately.....I've been sewing 1.5" unfinished HST's, 20 of them to frame the dreaded pinwheel. Oh, what a tough block....Kisses all around..

Beth in MN said...

I am so glad we have cold weather so that the flies decided to leave us but Raven & Emma look like they are doing a good job of dispatching those pesky flies. Love the sunset. Looking forward to seeing your secret project. I am not good at waiting! Grin

Janet O. said...

Yes, our local flies have undergone that transformation and are driving me crazy!!
I also find the making of the blocks more fun than sewing them together. Why is that?
I have a weakness for colors in the sky--be they sunrises, sunsets, or rainbows. Thanks for sharing this beauty!!

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