Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Three Little Kittens

The three little kittens are not so very little any more at six months old.

Because there is one female, Tanner, and two males, Tipper and Tyler, it was imperative that I capture each one, load them each into a cat carrier, and get them all to be spayed/neutered.

I got up at 5am on Wednesday and got them there to a sponsoring shelter who took them to a clinic. If it weren't for my wonderful friend, Ernie, who is Margorie's husband from the Sunshine Girls, I would still be wondering how on Earth to get this task done!

Above is Tanner, the little female, staying indoors in my cellar for two nights as she recuperated from her spaying surgery. That was good enough for my cat allergic husband, Felix.

The dogs were actually very concerned and worried when the kitties were missing. Raven asked to go out more often and would stand in the middle of the dogyard sniffing the air looking for any sign of them.

Emma Lynn would search the garage looking for them. When the kittens came back home, there was lots of vigorous tail wagging and some sniffing of afflicted bottoms, too!

Now, of course, I just could not drive right past Marden's, but had to stop in, LOL!

My budget is stressed out but I did grab a couple of orange fabrics for the Bonnie K Hunter mystery at Quiltville's quips and snips blog.

And my dear friend Sharon sent me some smashingly good colors for the mystery, too! Thank you so very much!

 Felix and Matthew have been taking advantage of these last few days of nice weather by changing oil, checking anti freeze and front end lubing our fleet of sad old vehicles. Remember Matthew had been waiting for that new headlight assembly to arrive?

Well, it finally came and he got it installed right away!


Good going, Matthew! One thing that we learned this week is that Matthew may not legally register his truck until after he has successfully petitioned the court to reinstate his driver's license this December. It has been a very long 4 years of suspension. He promises to never speed again!

Wednesday night, I enjoyed showing off my quicky quilt, Paintbox by Moda, at the Belknap Mill Quilter's Guild meeting.

And yesterday, we had a neat meeting of The Sunshine Girls over at the Alton Senior Center. I started a new project there with some flippy corners on an RJR charm pack called Lovely.

Here I am sewing on flippy corners.

Margorie was there and had begun a new crochet scarf.

Sue and Pauline helped each other with batting issues for Sue's Rail Fence quilt.

And we all ate Hersey's Milk Chocolate Nuggets and laughed and drank coffee.

Through all of the busy days I did do some cutting of scraps into 2 1/2" squares for my four-patches. It seemed that there was never time to sew. This is my one block for the week just for my sanity, LOL!

Happy sewing!


Janet O. said...

Good for you, getting the kitties taken care of. That is sweet that the dogs missed them.
Sometimes just one block is all you can squeeze in, but it feels so good to do it! : )

Helen in the UK said...

Glad to hear that the kitties are all recovered from their surgeries and that the dogs are pleased to see them back :)

Charlene S said...

I make time each day to spend 15 minutes sewing. It keeps me sane and off the couch.

Debra Robinson said...

You're such a good Mommy to take them to get spayed/neutered. Yes, they are growing, so beautiful. Great the Emma is part of the crew now......You have me hooked on those darn Hershey nuggets Vic! Oh well, what are friends for....gorgeous block & fabrics as usual....

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