Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Another Pilgrim's Progress

There is a new tradition that is popular among bloggers to select a single word to become one's focal point throughout the new year. Last year my word was "focus." It helped me to work on ongoing issues that I have with cleaning/hoarding as well as quilting.

Tanner is mid-yawn; Tyler is mid-snack.

Remembering one single word is do-able; hanging on to a whole list of resolutions for the entire year is unmanageable.
So after much thought, I have decided to select the word, "Progress." I like the fact that this word can be used both as a noun and a verb depending upon its pronunciation and usage. I hope to make good progress on my goals and to progress those goals.

My life goals themselves are ever changing week to week as many tasks are seasonal. To keep myself grounded, I like to work with my "Fab Four" list for quilty progress and review those four goals each Friday. The trick, of course, is to jot them down on paper and keep the list visible, LOL!

Miss Raven ambles over to see what is so interesting to Miss Emma-Lynn and Mr. Tipper, the cat.
When I see/hear what others make as their choices, I often want to scream at them, "Hey, don't be so hard on yourself!" Take it easy. Everything will be okay!
Sometimes it is hard to still the voice of the inner critic. We are kinder to others than to ourselves.

Try to be more like a dog or a cat; centered in the present and non-judgmental.

As they say in India, "Do the needful." And have some fun, too.

Most of all, be willing to laugh at your own mistakes. This next one wasn't mine, but ain't it a doozy?

This was taken on January 13th and not on April 1st!

One of the finest positive affirmations that I've ever encountered is:

"I am enough."

Let it sink in and provoke your thoughts about that.

Enjoy the process as you progress!


straythreads said...

wonderful post and lots to think about I need to re read Debbie Macomber's non fiction books about goals, dreams and faith
stay warm

Janet O. said...

Nice introspection here, Vic. I wish you well with your PROGRESS!

cityquilter grace said...

good advice miss vic....see ya soon!

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