Friday, January 24, 2014

Day Tripping

You've heard of the "seafood diet?" You see food, you eat food, LOL!
Yesterday, Felix and I took an 80 mile (round trip) day trip down state to the Newington, New Hampshire business district to pop in at Lo's Market.

This is an authentic oriental market that is crammed with items not available in occidental supermarkets. We go twice a year and stock up on spices, sauces, and tea.

We especially like to use the Bango brand sweet soy sauce that is sweetened with palm sugar whenever Felix makes Pork & Vegetable Lo Mein.

I am a big fan of the Korean Ginseng Tea that is instant and in 100 packets per wooden box. It boosts my immune system and seems to be a general tonic with the raw unprocessed honey that I buy locally at Ben Chadwick's honey farm in Alton. Wouldn't miss a day without it!
When we finished shopping, we went over to the original Newick's Restaurant just over the bridge in Dover.

This man made short work of a whole order of fried ocean smelts! And I followed suit with my order of fried strip clams, while we both enjoyed the onion nuggets and the site-made cole slaw. Lunch, with a generous tip, was $25 for the two of us.

Then, today at The Sunshine Club, we had guests in the form of our director's well-behaved children.
Pauline put on a one-woman quilt show letting us see all her UFO's as well as this one that is all FINISHED! She hand-quilted it and it is lovely.

Sue was clowning with her Dunkin Donut, a popular local chain here.

Sue got a whole 'nother bunch of rows done on her Purple Butterfly tumblers. I forgot just how many rows she is up to now, but it is looking great!

Here is Margorie in the background with Pauline showing a bit of her quilt.

I told her that I think that this block might be called, "Robbing Peter To Pay Paul", but I'm not sure. If you can identify it, please do leave a comment, thanks!

Stay calm and quilt on!


Janet O. said...

What a fun, albeit cold, day, Vic.
I look forward to seeing the quilts.

cityquilter grace said...

looks like you and felix are staying warm small feat these days....

Debra Robinson said...

I'm glad you two had a fun day need that every so often...we have a cold front moving in Vic, put an extra quilt on the bed! Kitties have their wool blanket, they're all set..stay in & sew..

Auntie Em said...

You were brave to venture out, with the COLD weather...
I'm getting a chuckle out of picturing what other shoppers may have thought about you and Felix posing for photos at the market. Only another blogger would understand. :-)

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